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Started by Tsyesìka, July 04, 2012, 06:01:43 AM

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Quote from: Question #1Who are you?

I'm Jessica or Tsyesìka :) I live in Manchester, England (and Lancaster, England sometimes too). I'm speak English, some na'vi and small amounts of latin/german (not much at all). I'm studying chemistry in university (manchester metropolitan university). I quite like university, can be pretty stressful and very difficult but in general, I enjoy it.

Quote from: Question #2Why are you here?

I quite like pandora though, not the reason I learn na'vi, I quite like languages and while I'm not very good with them it is a constant interest of mine and it was really researching conlanguages which lead me to research na'vi some more (I think). Once I decided I wanted to learn na'vi and commit to it, joining and spending time here was only a small leap :P It will depend how long I spend here usually I am also busy with other things so I don't spend as much time here as I'd like.

Quote from: Question #3Where do your alias and profile pic come from?

My alias is just Jessica navified, I can't navify words to save my life so thankfully Tirea helped me out and did it for me :)

Quote from: Question #4Srak nga tsun nìna'vi pivlltxe?

A little, I'd say I was a beginner... though I find this very difficult to judge. Everything is relative right? :P Erm my methods change since I have no set way, I'm trying to keep a diary in na'vi but there is no checking done on that obviously so it's hard to use that as a tool to get things right as... I'm the only person to see it. I've tried things like jmemorize and things and people on IRC and TS are really helpful. Not to mention the great help some of my friends here have given me! My non-navish friends typically think it's a waste of time to be honest and if I wish to learn a language why not learn one of some use, though, they'll never change me :)

Quote from: Question #5What's you favorite Na'vi word? Did you incorporate it (or others) into your everyday vocab?

Not to sound boring but i'm not sure I have one :(

Quote from: Question #6In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content on the LN website?

ooo tricky one... The forum is a fantastic resource and I've been informed on good authority the wiki is a gem too though my use of it is seriously lacking. I think the IRC is a good resource though It always makes me wish more would use it and it would become more active and for more there to use na'vi but even though it can be a bit sparse, it's good :) I'm not sure about the third one maybe team speak... hearing people say things in na'vi and chatting and the help people give on there, the lessons on there. It's really nice to see and be a part of.

Quote from: Question #7Have you made any contributions to the LN community that you're particularly proud of?

Erm... I am trying to get Diaspora which is website software which is a cross between facebook and twitter translated fully into na'vi and then setup our own little diaspora which is for na'vi people so. The basic idea is a na'viish social network translated in the software to support both though like with everything i struggle with time doing it and my translations aren't so great. Other than that, I've not really made much in the way of contributions, I hope that will change but... I'm not sure.

Quote from: Question #8What is it that you liked/hated the most about Avatar ?

Maybe only like 2 or 3, don't get me wrong. The film is good :P I'll be re-watching it again soon but it's not the reason I learn the language. The language in my head is independent of the film because the film is just a good film at the end of the day and well... the language is part of me :) I'm not sure how best to describe it but no, it's a good film and I will no doubt watch it a good number of times more.

Quote from: Question #9Has Avatar  changed your life in any way?

Avatar hasn't really, I mean... I think given the chance I'd become a na'vi :P Who wouldn't right? At the end of the day i'm not so sure, I would like to get to a point though I use na'vi on a daily basis at least more than I am, It'd be nice to pick up a book written in na'vi to read on the train and chat to friend in it over a coffee... maybe even write shopping lists and things in it but maybe not.

Quote from: Question #10If you could ask Frommer or Cameron three movie or language related questions what would they be?

Hmm, I'd ask Frommer. My question would be:

After the avatar films have finished and providing there is still an active community (I certainly hope there will be), will you (paul) extend the language beyond what is na'viish to make it more practical or figure out a way the na'vi could have encountered humanistic concepts and objects to have to express in na'vi :)

Quote from: Question #11What else do you do in you free time?

I write software, shop, watch films with friends... that's about it, I use to cycle a bit. My main time is taken with developing software though and studying chemistry.

Quote from: Question #12Name your top three favorite Earth animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of?

I quite like puppies and kittens, their adult versions are okay I guess :P I'm not massive fan of animals, I don't dislike them just don't love them but if you could make a puppy or kitten stay so small and cute and playful too... that'd be soo awesome!

Most scared of snakes, I simply can't stand them.

Quote from: Question #13Pirate, ninja, zombie, or robot?

Ninja ... Isn't that obvious? Ninja's are awesome!

Quote from: Question #14What three items would you take to a desert island and why?

Erm... difficult: electricity, computer, my teddy, can i take a friend? :P and maybe a book?

Quote from: Question #15If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?

Pandora probably if not pandora deep space nine. I think it's obvious why :P (they're both awesome!)

Quote from: Question #16If you were granted one single wish what would it be?

Since you should never answer this question with 'more wishes' and my real answer is too secretive to post here i'm going to say to be able to think and be fluent in na'vi... maybe be a na'vi but would i need two wishes to also be on pandora as a na'vi? if so just be brilliant in the language because being a na'vi on earth wouldn't be so great.

Quote from: Question #17What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?

I have no idea >.<

Quote from: Question #18True or false?


- I've eaten crocodile
- I've disaramed someone with a knife
- I've been interviewed on TV

Quote from: Question #19: My Life is AVTRWhat is the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing Na'vi or Avatar  related thing that has happened to you?

Ermm... I sometimes use 'srak' or stuff in english by accident, I've done it at university a few times, it's hard to explain to people who only know you briefly about na'vi :P

Quote from: Question #20: Bonus QuestionWhat is your favourite fruit

This is very hard as I love green apples but also if i'm in the mood I can super crave oranges and I adore green grapes >.< hmm maybe grapes grapes are nice but so are apples... :P It's one of those three anyway ;)



Tirea Aean leiu txantsan nìtxan nì'aw.
Tirea Aean is very awesome only!

Pxeya säplltxeri: Ngay, Tsleng, Tsleng. Hrh oeru ke lu kea säfpìl nìngay :p
About the three statements: True, False, False. Lol, I really have no idea...

Ma oeyä Eywa, pxìm oe tsakem si alu peng san srak sìk
Omg, I say srak all the time :o



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