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Started by Eichhörnchen, July 19, 2012, 06:42:00 AM

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Kaltxì ma frapo

Quote from: Question #1Who are you?

My real Name is Robert, 46 Years old, from Germany and work as a scientist for Food. Latin ( Ökotrophologie ) and from time to time as Cook to get bot Theoretical and Practice.
I live the first 44 Years of my life in Hessen and moved now to a new staate to see the other site from Germany ( Sachsen-Anhalt ). My Familie ist spread over the whole world. ( Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Netherlands. ), but I'm the only Skxwang thats cant english. :-[  

Quote from: Question #2Why are you here?

I see the Movie in the Cinema and falling in Love with Neytiri and the other Na'vi. As the time Neytiri whispers Srane to Jake, I seek this word and found Learn Na'vi Org. I am looking most Days into this fine Forum and writing many Members here, not sure how much time, but think it is to many some Days. :-X

Quote from: Question #3Where do your alias and profile pic come from?

Now this not my real Pic. I Chose this name Eichhörnchen ( Squirrel ), because loving this fast and shy creatures. It's my tireaioang. Sorry I dont know the english translate for this.

Me and Neytiri. ( same pose ). ;D ;D ;D

Quote from: Question #4Srak nga tsun nìna'vi pivlltxe?

Srane, ftia oel lì'fyati leNa'vi nì'o' nìwotx. :-*
My method is very hard. Learning alone, only me and the worksheets. Printed it all out, to can faster learning on all places. My goal is to write it perfectly, to translate my Fan-Fiction into Na'vi, but this is so far away. Have many Problems with learning languages, so ist a pain for me. But I think ist a pain for you to read my terrible english....

Quote from: Question #5What's you favorite Na'vi word? Did you incorporate it (or others) into your everyday vocab?

Kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe is my favorite Phrase. Take a look on my signature please.
Others are the Words Srane, Yawne and Tsa'hey. I love this. :-*

Quote from: Question #6In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content on the LN website?

Hmm.... hard to say. All the fine Na'vi learning worksheets created are helpful. Most writing Taronyu or whatever... for me not the content but all the nice Member this create Worksheets and help others with learning lelì'fya are top. Thanks to Plumps for his patience, to teach me Na'vi. :-*

Quote from: Question #7Have you made any contributions to the LN community that you're particularly proud of?

Kehe... sorry. The only thing I do is to be helpful to members here and writing many Avatar Fan-Fictions on the german Section on this board. Not sure this is a contribution. But I willing to help others, if that possible. :-\

Quote from: Question #8What is it that you liked/hated the most about Avatar ?

I see Avatar two times in the cinema with my girlfriend and the same at home. Not very often I know. Most Hated... hmm.... Quaritsch. I dont like this Charackter, but the most liked is easy to answer....Neytiris Body. *giggles*

Quote from: Question #9Has Avatar  changed your life in any way?

Living on a tree? Yes as a Child, I build a Treehouse on my parents Garden, but that is not what you mean. The change is that I have found again my long lost pleasure to write. In the Cinema I think about the Na'vi and dream from my own Na'vi Girl and it is possible thats a Na'vi and a Tawtute are getting friends. So I create my tiyawnfur that has really change my life. I write now over one and a half Years Fan-Fictions. Here is my Na'vi Girl Fawn. :-*

Quote from: Question #10If you could ask Frommer or Cameron three movie or language related questions what would they be?

Cameron: Krrpe he is ready with writing his Book? Cames Quaritsch back again into part two?

Frommer: I need more Vokabulary for the Body Parts from the Na'vi. Who there are?

Quote from: Question #11What else do you do in you free time?

Reading, writing, reading, writing and again.....
I actuallity write on my first own Book ( 320 sides ) and hope I finish this on August. Goal is 400 Sides. The Plot is about two Young Girls, one Human and the Other a Fairy. ( Sword & Magie ) Then I collecting Figurines, from Avatar and some Beautyful Heroines that is created from Luis Royo. You can see this on my Thread. Enjoy.

Quote from: Question #12Name your top three favorite Earth animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of?

Squirrel - Most lovely Creatures

Horses - I like this beautyful beings.

Wolfes - The only true Hunters on this world .... for me. :)

Quote from: Question #13Pirate, ninja, zombie, or robot?

I Chose robot, because I am a technics Freak. Dont need superpowers. For what? :-\

Quote from: Question #14What three items would you take to a desert island and why?

Anything to write. ( Paper and pencil ) and the third one of my Neytiri Statues.

Quote from: Question #15If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?

First to the beginnig to the Universe and later to the end, to see what happens there. Lately travel to Pandora.

Quote from: Question #16If you were granted one single wish what would it be?

Easely answer. That the spirit of the Na'vi Infekts all people on this World. :-*

Quote from: Question #17What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?

Why I learn Na'vi when I have no real use for this language. Then I answer, for my self and to translate in the future my Storys in lelì'fya. :P

Quote from: Question #18True or false?

1. I rescue the Life of my Daughter.

2. My Grandma is a Dutchwoman

3. Clark Dalton ( Walter Ernsting ) take for many Years my full name for a Charakter in on of his Books.

Quote from: Question #19: My Life is AVTRWhat is the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing Na'vi or Avatar  related thing that has happened to you?

I dont unterstand this question, so please forgive that I cant give an answer.

Quote from: Question #20: Bonus Question...

Thanks to Ikxeru for send me the Bonus Question. Here the are:

I know you are writing a lot of fan-fictions. How do you get your inspirations to do so?

From the Movie and a little bit from my Brain. There is so many mischief inside. The Na'vi touched my Heart and my Soul and found a place deep in it. Ist pure fun for me to see, how many people read this Storys. I am very grateful about this. :-*
This Pic is from my writing Table.

So I am ready. Hope you Boys and Girls can unterstand all. Sorry for my English but I am still learning. :-[

'Ivong Na'vi ulte eywa hu nga,

-ta Robert
kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe

Eana Unil

Kaltxì ma hì'ia ioang atun 'rrtayä ulte seykxel sì nitram! :)

'en si oe: ngay, ngay, ngay. ^^


Hehe, from me also: furia nga lu mipa Na'vi kintrrä seykxel sì nitram!

What do you mean ... you're not sure whether you contribute to the community? :-X :o Of course you do! What was that proverb again? »Society only needs farmers and poets – the former fill our stomachs, the later our imagination« ;)

I think it's very important what you do even though it reaches only a small part of our world wide community – maybe before you start translating your work into Na'vi you should think about translating them (or having them translated) into English ;)

hrh to the picture of the squirrel ;D hona sì 'ipu fìtxan nang!


Seykxel sì nitram ulte livu prrte' kintrr ngeyä!
Merel a teri nga sì Neytiri lu kosman. Fyape ngal tsaioangit veykar luke tìrusikx, tengkrr fkol stivä'nì firelit? :D

Pxesäplltxeri, ke tsun oe 'en sivi taluna ke omum kaw'it :), zene oe tivem mì sìvawm, slä fmìyi: Ngay, Ngay, Tsleng*.
* I understand the formulation "take my full name" as if he knew you before he wrote that stories yet he used that name (not accidentally).
Tätxawyu akì'ong.


Hello my dear red-brown cuddle toy  ;)
I am very pleased to see you here as NotW.  :-*

You are a great addition to this great forum and have been blessed with many of our readers your stories. I see it as the culmination of your current ministry to be allowed to hold that title.

My heartfelt congratulations


PS: for question 18:  1 = no / 2 = yes / 3 = no
"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR

Ftxavanga Txe′lan

Kaltxì ma oeyä 'eylan! :D

Congratulations for getting to be NotW. :) You totally deserve it, and I'm happy for you! It was great reading more about you. I loved the squirrel picture, too! Very funny and nice. :P

I had not realized writing was such a big part of your life! But I remember liking what I read from you. You have much talent, and I wish you much luck with your writings in the future! :D

As for the three true/false, I say tsleng, ngay, ngay. :)

Ateyo Te Syaksyuk

I like your English.
I wish I could read German!
I too, write a fanfiction.
We writers stimulate the imagination of other people.
It is an important thing, srak?

No furry squirrels on Pandora!
Closest thing to cuddly is SyakSyuk!



Kaltxì ma frapo

Very Nice. So many responses. Irayo for this. :-*

Quote from: Tanri on July 19, 2012, 03:09:45 PM
* I understand the formulation "take my full name" as if he knew you before he wrote that stories yet he used that name (not accidentally).

Oops. Sorry, my mistake Tanri. Thats happens when I wiriting in a language, what I not really understand. But I dont use this damned translators, only my own words. I think, this is much better for learning correctly both... Na'vi and english. :)
I mean my first name and the family name. Now I improve it on the thread. :-[

Quote from: Plumps on July 19, 2012, 01:12:34 PM
maybe before you start translating your work into Na'vi you should think about translating them (or having them translated) into English ;)

Thats true, but I fear my Na'vi is a little bit better than english. In the future maybe all is possible. I have enough time. ;D

Quote from: Ftxavanga Txe′lan on July 20, 2012, 01:43:15 PMI loved the squirrel picture, too! Very funny and nice.

Yes it is nice. But is it not mine. I borrow it from "Kamean". Thanks for the permission. :)

Quote from: Ftxavanga Txe′lan on July 20, 2012, 01:43:15 PMI had not realized writing was such a big part of your life!

Writing is much fun for me and writing for others like you is a challenge and I like to try it. :-*

Quote from: Ateyo Te Syaksyuk on July 20, 2012, 02:49:51 PMI like your English. We writers stimulate the imagination of other people.
It is an important thing, srak?

Really? I found my english terrible, but thanks. :-\
Yes I think the same about this and see how many people like this storys is a motivation to write more and more. :-*

So thanks all for your nice comments. :-*

With best regards,

kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe

Eana Unil

'ä', ma tuna ioang ahì'i, pxesäplltxet (ngay/tsleng) ngal mi ke 'oleyng  ??? ;) Hìtxoa, slä oe newomum nì'aw :D


Quote from: Eana Unil on July 21, 2012, 09:59:22 AM
'ä', ma tuna ioang ahì'i, pxesäplltxet (ngay/tsleng) ngal mi ke 'oleyng  ??? ;) Hìtxoa, slä oe newomum nì'aw :D
po tsun pxesat kivulat tì'i'aro kintrrä sneyä nì'aw ;)

Eana Unil

Ngaru tìyawr  :-X Hìtxoa, fì'uri ke zolerängok oe  :-X ;D Zene oe maweypivey nì'ul ^^


Dear Robert,
now you're Na'vi of the Week.
The right one was chosen. Your turn really had to come.
I wrote you so many times what I think about you that I don't know what to write now.
You know that you are a very important member of this community. You inspired many people to start writing (including me) and your own stories contain your special kind of magic that let us read on and on and on.
It's your talent and I wish you the power you need to make your dream of a successful book come true.


Hi Robert,

hard to answer to these True-False-Questions....
So... Let me guess: T/F/T.
Compute for a greater good! Join LN's folding@home-team!

Krro tsayun oe 'ivefu nìftxavang nìmun.
Krro oeri txe'lan tìsraw ke sasyi nulkrr ulte tsun oe rivun tìme'emit nìmun.
Krro fra'u lasyatem.
Krro a lu pxiye'rìn, pxiswaway, pxiset, set.
Krro lu krrpe? Ke omum nìno, tì'eyngmungwrr a'aw a lu oer.
Krro layu...

Blue Elf

Kaltxì ma Eichhörnchen ulte seykxel sì nitram!
Have a great week!
QuoteHave many Problems with learning languages, so ist a pain for me. But I think ist a pain for you to read my terrible english....
:) really not, it can be understood well (who do not understand, can't speak English or has no fantasy)

AS for Ng/Ts statement, I'll try all ngay (just guess, but the seconds seems to be surely true)

What about your statue collection, do you have any new?
Oe lu skxawng skxakep. Slä oe nerume mi.
"Oe tasyätxaw ulte koren za'u oehu" (Limonádový Joe)


Kaltxì ma Eichhörnchen.
Congratulations for getting to be NotW. :) You have derserved it. You are a great member at the LN-forum. :)
And your english isn't bad. I can read it and my english isn't the best, too.

Hmm..... the true false qustion....puhh...I don't know, but I guess it's: T/T/F
Die Himmelsmenschen haben uns eine Botschaft gesandt, dass sie sich alles nehmen können was sie wollen und dass niemand sie aufhalten kann. Aber wir schicken ihnen auch eine Botschaft; fliegt so schnell wie euch der Wind nur tragen kann; ruft die anderen Clans herbei. Sagt ihnen Toruk'makto ruft sie zu sich. Ihr fliegt jetzt mit mir. Meine Brüder, Schwestern und dann zeigen wir den Himmelsmenschen, dass sie sich nicht alles nehmen können was sie wollen und dass dies unser Land ist.


Kaltxì ma frapo

Here are the answers of the True or False Questions.


As my daughter is born she has some problems with her heart and the first time she are more into the Hospital than sleeping in you own bed. Lately the doctor give the permission to take her at home as all looks okay, but we must be a Crash kurs ( guidance ) for reanimation for childs. We are let the child between us in our Bed and Not in her own room. This was a wise choice. One of the following Nights my girlfriend sleeping tired from watching and feeding but I cant found no sleep. Not sure why but I am a little bit nervously. Into the middle of the nigth, I notice that the baby Stopps breahting. I'am shocked, wake up my girl immediately and begin with the rescue breathing as she call the doctor. Later in the Hospital, the ward physician say to me "you a very Lucky man. Normaly you daughter must be death. What do you do every nigth? Sleeping ore watching the child?" I feel nothing at this Moment and answer him, "I dont know...." The next two years my daughter become a monitoring at home ( litte Device this gives to Alarm when stops breathing. ) This was a very sad time but fortunately today all is fine with her. :)

False ( depends on the point of view ) :-\

My Grandma was born in Potsdam near Berlin. Never say to a postsdamer he is a berliner. I am sure he will try to kill you. ;D
Her first husband and my mothers father, was dying in the early days of world war II and this must be a hard time for my grandma. Later into the War, she falling in love with a forced laborer from netherlands that works on a weapon factory in germany. She married him and after the war, both say germany good bye and goes first to Amsterdam later to Hoorn. She not comes back to germany, but I often visit her until she dies at 96.


At the age of 19 I start writing some reader's letter and short Storys from Readers for Readers to the Perry Rhodan editorial team. The author Clark Darlton was very pleased with my writing and ideas and so he take my name, both ( first and Familie ) for on Charakter on a book. This was funny and I surprised at this time. To bad, he is long dead, but I never will be forget him. :-*

So this was very hard for me to write into this language but hope all is okay. I think for a Moment to answer the Questions only true or false exceptionally the first one but this is Not the spirit of NotW. So I Found it better.
You see my life is not bored at any time. :)

QuoteWhat about your statue collection, do you have any new?

I have some Pics from my older Figurines, but the are not so nice, like the Heroines from Royo. Waiting of a Statue, but the release is displaces. I show them later ma Blue Elf. :)

The next NotW is Chosen and has accepted the challenge. Bonus question is send to him, her, whatever.... ;D

Thanks all for you patience and the interest. The thread can be closed now. :-*

'Ivong Na'vi ulte eywa hu nga,

kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe