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Started by Yaknun, July 24, 2012, 05:18:52 PM

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Great thanks to ma squirrel for nomination   :D

Quote from: Question #1Who are you?

I'm from Germany, town of my birth is Magdeburg - from 2007 I life in Cologne.
My language is german; my english growing from month to month - sorry, but is horrible.
I am 61 years old (but young in my heart) and my profession is "Security in objects".
My wife is 11 years younger as I and a lovely person; we are maried 30 years in this october. My doughter is 27 years young.

Quote from: Question #2Why are you here?

My first contact with the movie was 20 months before. I was happy for the story, for the Na'vi and her world. I love Neytiri from the first day and later other characters (Jake, Tsu'tey, Grace and more...).
In september 2010 I saw the 3D-version in cinema and in november I buyed the DVDs. With the extended version was born my idee and great wish to see the movie complet. I started my search in www for peoples with the same desire - and I found this forum. My real start here was in march this year as I come back to this forum.
The idea to learn Na'vi was born also in march. I am here often - most time if I work in night. I think in the month-average I'm here 2-3 hours per day.

Quote from: Question #3Where do your alias and profile pic come from?

My alias was a mistake from Twentieth Century Fox, see here. TCF can't the correct alphabet - the first character was a "J" - horrible (the "generator" means it was a correct translation from "Joachim"). I have correct that in juni.
My profile pic is from the same site.

Quote from: Question #4Srak nga tsun nìna'vi pivlltxe?

Oeyä Na'vi wätx. I started my learning, because I will not use the translater all days. I hope I can read Na'vi in sentences end 2012.
I learn alone. I read in forum and the best help are the wonderful site from 'eveng te atan and the excellent audios from Plumps Irayo fipo mune karyu.

Quote from: Question #5What's you favorite Na'vi word? Did you incorporate it (or others) into your everyday vocab?

Kaltxi ma 'eylan - I use this at my work if I greet my collegues.

Quote from: Question #6In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content on the LN website?

Wow - it's difficult to say. I think all contents are good. My faforits are
- scripts from Plumps and Passi
- the Community Support Forum Guidelines, if I think it is very true what I can here read (and is that, what I think and live)
- the Gallery is a fine corner in LN website, here especially Grandmas Teylu and "Users Guide ...". Last both goes with my think.

Quote from: Question #7Have you made any contributions to the LN community that you're particularly proud of?

Sorry - the first two questions I can't understand.
My plan in the future: I will read and write in existing threads and I will create threads from myself with new themes.

Quote from: Question #8What is it that you liked/hated the most about Avatar ?

I like lot of things in AVATAR. The landscape is beautiful, the creatures are phantastic, the peoples (Na'vi) are likely. Hating? Oh yes - the big hole, what tawtute burrow in the surface area.

I saw AVATAR 1 session in the cinema (3D) and 107 with PC.

Quote from: Question #9Has Avatar  changed your life in any way?

Oh yes - I spend more time for watching movies (only for AVATAR), I give more interest to nature. I love our cat and lot of cats from our neighbors.
I have a little place in my home for lot of things round about AVATAR and I sleep with Neytiri  ;) :D

But - I live not on a tree, I have very short hairs, I have not blue skin.

Quote from: Question #10If you could ask Frommer or Cameron three movie or language related questions what would they be?

Frommer: no question but my meaning - the Na'vi-language is super, thanks!
Cameron: when can I see the extended version with the deleted scenes (look my msg to him on my Website) - that would be my greatest dream bevor comes part 2 and 3

Quote from: Question #11What else do you do in you free time?

Work in my garden - I like plants and flowers. Than I spend much time for activities with my wife. We often go to netherland and visit gardens - last we were here (it is an excellent event all 10 years).

Quote from: Question #12Name your top three favorite Earth animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of?

My favorites: Giraffe / Elephant / Ice Bear - sorry, for the definition that "Why" I have not enough words ...

Quote from: Question #13Pirate, ninja, zombie, or robot?

I need no superpower. I mean, important is my ghost, my health, my fitness. This all is my superpower.

Quote from: Question #14What three items would you take to a desert island and why?

- a warm sleeping bag (for cold nights)
- two firestones (to make fire)
- a big pack with eat and drink (for first two weeks)

Quote from: Question #15If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?

In real universe I will go 1000 years forward - I'll see if exist earth and life on it.
In fictional universes I will go to pandora and become a Na'vi. Than I will ride a Toruk and live as taronyu. Why? I love this world.

Quote from: Question #16If you were granted one single wish what would it be?

That all peoples on our world understand, we can life only with a health nature. Why? Nature without peoples can live but peoples without nature not!

Quote from: Question #17What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?

How long is my life?  I hope long enough for watching all parts after AVATAR ("1")  :P

Quote from: Question #18True or false?

1. I was 22 hours of my life a prisoner
2. I was flight teacher for gliders-pilots
3. I am a great fan for the movie "lord of the rings"

Quote from: Question #19: My Life is AVTRWhat is the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing Na'vi or Avatar  related thing that has happened to you?

Sorry, I watched this (MLIA) and all translation to german was a great mistake. I can't give a real answer for the question.

Quote from: Question #20: Bonus QuestionI know that you live a long time on East-Germany. Why you are go to the other Side about all this Years?

Oh yes, the answer is very simple: my wife worked in her job from 1990 until 2006 never home. She was in Berlin, Halle/Saale, Hagen (NRW) and Innsbruck (Austria). Our life was a Union for weekends.
In 2007 she became a professor at the University of Cologne. The distance between Magdeburg to Cologne is too far. Conclusion: We moved from Magdeburg to Cologne.
"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR


Congratulation ! You have make this very good, and this is good written ! ;)

Greetings your Tsu'tey

Ich bleibe in Erinnerung. Ich habe mit Toruk Makto gekämpft. Und wir waren Brüder. Und er war mein letzter Schatten.

Eana Unil

Seykxel sì nitram ma Yaknun :)

'en si oe:



Kaltxì ma Yaknun

Tsa'hey, the others was faster, but it is good to see you here. :)

Seykxel sì nitram

Teri pxesìpawm ngay - tsleng... :-\

'en si oe: ngay tsleng ngay

Ngaru livu kintrr a sunu.

'Ivong Na'vi, ma 'eylan ulte livu Eywa ngahu frakrr sì fratseng, :-*

-ta Robert
kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe

´eveng te atan

Sunu oer fwa nawma sa'nok lrrtok sami ngar ma Yaknun.
Oel 'efu nrra nìtxan teri tsat.
Sìlpey oe tsni nga tsayun tse'a ayrel arusik a fko syaw "Avatar".

ngay - tsleng - tsleng

ta 'eveng te atan

Blue Elf

Kintrrìri ngeyä seykxel sì nitram, ma Yaknun!
I always wondering if I found here someone who is older than me :) But it is great, that things related to Avatar can attract people of any age.
QuoteI sleep with Neytiri
What your wife says about it? ;D Where is it possible to buy it? It would be great Christmas gift for me :)

About Ngay/Tsleng statements:
1. I was 22 hours of my life a prisoner
I'll try ngay (you wrote exact time length, so it has some reason...)
2. I was flight teacher for gliders-pilots
tsleng (?) but it must be great to fly on glider...
3. I am a great fan for the movie "lord of the rings"
ngay - me too! I hope someone dares to create 3D remake, it would be fantastic!

Ngaru livu kintrr a lu lefpom sì 'o'
Oe lu skxawng skxakep. Slä oe nerume mi.
"Oe tasyätxaw ulte koren za'u oehu" (Limonádový Joe)

Niri Te


Because you know the exact time in hours, I would think this might be TRUE

Because I am a glider pilot, and I know how much fun it is, I hope for you that it is TRUE 

The way that you keep talking about AVATAR, I don't think that you can feel that strongly about another movie, so I say false.

You said you wondered if there was someone on Learnnavi that was older than you, I will be 63 in January.

Niri Te
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi


Congratulations, Yaknun.
You are here for a few months only and now you are Na'vi of the Week.
But it's a good decision. Your many years on this earth gave you a calm and friendly character.
I respect your writing style a lot and hope that you'll stay part of the community for a very long time!


Thanks for your Messages  :)

For the three questions I think it is very exciting  8) 8) 8)

"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR



Great thanks to all tsmuktu was read my answers and told me her meaning for my three statements.

Here can you see the result and my declarations.

Quote from: Question #18True or false? - Three statements about myself.

Na'vi - tstxo tìpawm 1 tìpawm 2 tìpawm 3     kum
Tsu'tey kekem kekem kekem :-X fe'
Eana Unil tsleng ngay ngay :-X fe'
Eichhörnchen ngay tsleng ngay :-X fe'
´eveng te atan ngay tsleng tsleng :-X fe'
Blue Elf ngay tsleng ngay :-X fe'
Niri Te ngay ngay tsleng :D rolun
Ricardo ngay tsleng ngay :-X fe'
Niri Te ist the best - great thanks and congratulations  :D

1. I was 22 hours of my life a prisoner                     = ngay  :D

2. I was flight teacher for gliders-pilots                    = ngay  :D

3. I am a great fan for the movie "lord of the rings"    = tsleng  :-X

"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR