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Started by Eana Unil, August 13, 2012, 01:12:25 PM

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Eana Unil

Kaltxì ma oeyä eylan aean! ^^ Fula tsun oe livu Na'vi kintrrä, 'efeyku oeti nitram nìtxan nang. Kawkrr ke fpilvìl oel futa krro fìmeuia oeru livu. ^^ Furia poanìl ftxoley oet, irayo seiyi oe 'eylanur oeyä alu 'eveng te atan nìngay. :)

Quote from: Question #1Who are you?
I'm called Kris, I'm a 25 years old female human being (nìkeftxo ^^) who's living in Germany. I was born in North Rhine-Westphalia, where I grew up for 17 years. Then I moved to the south-west of Germany and live now approx. 1 hour away from Stuttgart. Interesting, kefyak?! :P I'm living here together with my most beloved boyfriend who I know for about 9 years now. Quite some time, hehe, so much time that I started to call him "husband/muntxatan" ("mein Männe, Mann" in german) some years ago.
I'm a kind of a free spirit, so to speak. I never really liked to have a "regular/common" job (which would get me a stable income *cough*, hrh). Instead it always was (and still is) my dream to become a tattoo-artist one day and I can't wait to work in this line of business. Until then I'm trying to keep myself above water with doing commissions and stuff. Because, you know, I really like... no... love to draw, paint, sculpt, file and to do any other kind of creative stuff which ever comes to my mind or is requested by other people. :) So yeah, I do not only love to draw stuff for myself, but also to do stuff for other people around me, which is always a great honor and pleasure to me. I'm just happy that I'm able to enrich people every now and then with my art, to make them smile, make them think or whatever. Art is the air that I breathe, and it's always been extremely important to me.
Besides being busy with arts I like to do other stuff as well. Which is... uhm... learn Na'vi :P, Norwegian (I'm still a beginner though, because I gave preference to Na'vi quite some time ago), I love animals (such beautiful and precious creatures <3) and my friends (precious creatures as well, hehe), I'm very into watching movies (Horror/Splatter/Psychothriller/SciFi preferred) and TV shows (like Star Trek and so on) and listening to music (mostly Metal [BM/DM]) and playing games and to... do other stuff which I'm finding interesting or whatever. I just like to do whatever pleases me, if I'm able to afford it ^^'
Lol... doesn't that sound kinda selfish?! O_o I don't know, lol. I can't tell which kind of human being I am, but I'm always trying to be a good one if it's within the bounds of possibility, hehe. /blabla ^^
Additionally a little picture of myself, so you'll "see" who's stealing your time with this monster of text :P

Quote from: Question #2Why are you here?
I am here because I love the movie Avatar, to be more precise, the Na'vi people and everything which is connected to them (don't you say! ^^) Dr. Google brought me here one day, fortunately. I can't really recall if I was just looking for a Avatar forum in general or for a place where I would have great chances for learning Na'vi. Nonetheless I found both within LN, which I'm very grateful for. Also, for the possibility given to meet so many kind, interesting, great, awesome, goodhearted, helpful/selfless people. :)
I left LN for some months after being the first months/weeks here (can't really remember, FYI my sense of time is HORRIBLE and hardly existing, hrh), because I was busy with other stuff going on (nìkeftxo), but I came back and started to learn Na'vi again full-heartedly.

Quote from: Question #3Where do your alias and profile pic come from?
I registered here as "ean unil", but fairly quickly I learned that it has to be "eana unil" or "unil aean", so I changed my nick name. Why "Eana Unil"? Uh, hehe... well... because of the fantastic world we're all loving and would like to live in (Pandora ^^), but which is only a dream, unfortunately. So, blue dream, because the Na'vi got blue skin :P But "ean" means all colours from blue to green, so it could also be "green dream". And that's the second meaning of my nickname. A green dream of a green world, a healthy world we're living in, a healthy planet, a healthy and hopefully forgiving mother nature with all its little, lovely creatures. Many of us may want to live on Pandora, but our planet is one of the most beautiful worlds in the universe, that I'm quite sure about. Our planet is precious and the only one we have... and too many of humanity are still treating it with too much contempt. Well, me too, but I'm trying to do my best. Consume less stuff, buy stuff in recicable wrappings, do recicling, buying eggs and meat from happy animals, buying this and vegetables from our region, to waste less energy, and so on. Maybe not enough, but at least something.
Uhm, yeah. For most of the time of my membership here I used to have selfdrawn pictures as profile pictures. Some weeks ago I decided to change it again, because I finally started to draw a comic called LAYON YAYO (of which more later). And yeah, layona yayon = black bird, bird -> feather... Feather + ean = my current profile pic, hehe. Unimpressive, but I like it. ^^

Quote from: Question #4Srak nga tsun nìna'vi pivlltxe?
Tse, oe fmi pivlltxe nìNa'vi... Oel omängum futa oeyä lì'fya leNa'vi mi ke yo' ulte oe pxìm tìkxey sängi; tsalsungay oel fmeiyi fnivan nì'ul'ul ulte zene oe nivume nì'ul nìtxan.
Ngian lì'fya leNa'vi lu lor sì 'o' nìtxan, ha mivok oel fraporu a ke li nume fte tsat nivume. :)
Mìftxele, fraporu a srung sami oeru fte nivume sì fnivan nì'ul irayo seiyi nìtxan oe. :) Aynga lu txantsan.

Quote from: Question #5What's you favorite Na'vi word? Did you incorporate it (or others) into your everyday vocab?
Haha, that's a really good question. I'd say... meoauniaea, meuia and aungia. Soaia and leioae as well. These words sound just beautiful to me and have great meanings as well. Unfortunately these words are hardly usable for your every days vocab, but I'm using sran(e), tam, irayo, rutxe and kaltxì quite often (oh, my friends must be hating me, lol). ^^

Quote from: Question #6In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content on the LN website?
Uh, very hard for me to answer this one. Hm... let me think... I'd say
1. Learn Na'vi Teamspeak, because you can chat with and talk to others in any language you like, preferable nìNa'vi :D It also gives learners the oppurtunity for regular meeting study groups, such as the german study group which I'm participating in. :)
2. The german language study group and other similar groups, because it's very helpful for learning the language in a more easy and very funny way. Well, at least for me there's often something to laugh about together with my fellow "numeyu" and "karyu" ^^
3. Na'vi in a Nutshell, the official Dictionary, Horen leNa'vi, Project Ngaynume, Eana Eltu and (last but not least) and other great and helpful learning recourses. They're just awesome, so thank you for this. :)
4. The many blogs of LN members nìNa'vi. I just love to read them and translate what's written there - it's a hell of a good training. Plus I'm very grateful for being able to learn about more of my fellow LN-people ^^
Well, it's not all found directly on LN, but at least it has to do with it in some way. ^^
Top 4 things, not only tree, I'm sorry for that, but I had to mention all four :3

Quote from: Question #7Have you made any contributions to the LN community that you're particularly proud of?
Ugh, that's even a harder question to answer. Errm... Well, at least I'm trying, lol. Trying to participate in the team (graphics) as best as I can. And there's my fanart, which I hope people find interesting and fun to look at. And last but not least there's my newest project, called LAYON YAYO. It's (= a comic) something which I wanted to do for a very long time and a while back ago I decided to do it about a ficitonal Na'vi tribe. Some two or three weeks ago I started to publish it, so yeah... If you wanna learn more about it and sneak a peek, you're welcome to read the thread I created about it here :) Links leading to my Avatar-fanart here on LN and to my blog nìNa'vi can be found inside my signature, btw :P
Well, I guess that's about it o.- :/ Wish I could('ve done/)do more, but I guess I already need two or more lifes to do all the things I'm planning to do in the future, hehe... there's just not enough time. >.<

Quote from: Question #8What is it that you liked/hated the most about Avatar ?
I hated Quaritch, hrh. I just hated him. I'm betting that J.C. wanted us to hate him. Well, he reached this goal, at least regarding me, hehe. ^^ I'm hating the fact that some people call Avatar a "newer, more 'blue' version of Pocahontas" (*argh,grr,snarl* ;D ), but that's nothing inside the movie. Hm. I guess I didn't hate anything of it, at least not from the bottom of my heart, hehe.
And I loved... well... everything?! xD Yeah, I don't know, I liked every aspect of the movie, it was really well done. But I really liked all about and around the Na'vi people. "I fell in love with them", like many others before and after me. The way they're connected to the nature which surrounds them, how they respect the world they're living in, how much they adore and respect whole Eywa, their ancestors, their culture, their traditions. It's not only a very beautiful tribe/race, but also a very interesting and exemplary one.
Ah, yeah, I'm hating the fact that Pandora/the Na'vi isn't/aren't real. :( ^^

Quote from: Question #9Has Avatar  changed your life in any way?
Hm. I'd be lying if I'd say that it's just a absolutely great movie and it didn't change my life in any way. It, indeed, changed at least little parts of my life. Beginning with the amount of hours full of emotions while watching Avatar the 8712361th time, hehe. Then it made me wanna learn the language, which makes me talk nìNa'vi (sometimes) even to "non-Avatar-nerds". I love to draw Avatar fanart. I will get a Avatar tattoo some day soon. It made me even a bit more aware of all the things which are going wrong nowadays (nature, economy, indigenous people of our own planet, etc). And it helped me making one of my dreams come true (comic). And hm... I'm shure it'll do more things for me in the future. :)

Quote from: Question #10If you could ask Frommer or Cameron three movie or language related questions what would they be?
I'd ask either J.C. nor Karyu Pawl any kind of question, I guess. I think I'd ask J.C. to weave more background and knowledge (which we will be/are already able to know about them) around them. Just expanding the Pandora/Na'vi universe and culture. With a bit deeper peek into their biology, anatomy and so on.
And I'd thank J.C. for creating Avatar, and thank nawma karyu Pawl for creating this beautiful language and working so close together with all who want to participate in expanding the vocab and so on.

Quote from: Question #11What else do you do in you free time?
Uh, hah, yeah, I guess that I already answered this one - serveral times :D Short version again: drawing, painting, movies, music, gaming, friends, animals, and everything else which is fun and interesting. ^^

Quote from: Question #12Name your top three favorite Earth animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of?
Ravens. In general corvidae. I'm so in love with ravens and crows. They're just beautiful, majestic, intelligent and wrongly judged as "bad birds". They're just awesome. I'd like to have a pet raven, but it's better for them and also me, if they're able to live a life in freedom and independently. So instead I want to get my upper body tattooed with ravens and related stuff. So far I only got one raven related tattoo :( but there will be more, that's for sure >:3
Furthermore I like nearly every kind of animal. Cats, dogs, geckos, Axolotls, snakes, rats, mice, birds, dolphins, sharks, whales, scorpions, spiders (though I'm afraid of them, lol), yeah, nearly every kind of animal.

Quote from: Question #13Pirate, ninja, zombie, or robot?
Zombie. For I like zombies and zombie movies (but the fast running ones, they're much more creepy than the slow ones, tbh the fast ones creep the shoot outta me hrh). Simple. ^^

Quote from: Question #14What three items would you take to a desert island and why?
Pens and endless white papersheets for drawing and writing, a generator and my computer. I'd go insane without the possibility to draw, I'd need elecricity for my computer and everything else I'd need is on my computer (music, Na'vi learning materials and stuff, hehe). I guess I wouldn't survive very long, but hey, at least I could listen to music and draw while starving to death :P

Quote from: Question #15If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?
Back to the time when I was a little child, any time of this part of my past (at best when we were in Berlin, family vacation and stuff), and I'd hug my mom, my granma and my aunt and tell them how much I love and miss them and these happy childhood memories. Then I'd travel back to the present.

Quote from: Question #16If you were granted one single wish what would it be?
To live long, happily and healthy together with my boyfriend, to have the chance to make my big dreams come true, together with him. Like... becoming a well-known and good/skilled tattoo-artist, opening my own tattoo studio, traveling around the world as a guest-tattoo-artist, buying a little, cosy house somewhere in the wild with my own garden and some chicken and so on... ^^ Stuff like that.

Quote from: Question #17What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?
Hm. Tbh that's really something I'd only ask myself, so I'm not going to speak that out loud here, sorry :( ^^

Quote from: Question #18True or false?
1. I'm still seriously and absolutely convinced that I've seen an U.F.O. when I was about 6 years old.
2. My family doctor/GP was the first person who ever bought one of my paintings.
3. I got one of my ex-boyfriends name tattoed on my chest, near the location of my heart, which I'm horribly regretting now, but I still can't afford to get it removed/covered-up.

Quote from: Question #19: My Life is AVTRWhat is the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing Na'vi or Avatar  related thing that has happened to you?
Again, hard to tell, hehe.
Well, before I became a huge Avatar fan, I refused to watch Avatar at all. I though that it never could be a really cool movie when everybody liked it this much. Plus I don't like to watch movies in 3D, so I never went to the cinema in order to watch it. After several months one of my ex collegues told me that I have to watch this movie. I just have to. "When they're flying on these dragons, it's so damn cool, you'll be thinking you're flying with them" and so on, she kept telling me for weeks. Some day I just gave in and borrowed the DVD from her, and I watched Avatar. And I just fell in love with it. So much that I've landed here, learning Na'vi, drawing Na'vi fanart and so on. :D Haha, now I like the movie even more than she ever did. I think this is kinda odd. ^^
Second anecdote: Some months ago I was going home. I was walking towards my apartment, when one of my neighbours crossed my way. She looked at me like "O____O wtf, errm, hi Kris" and I wondered what was wrong with her. Then I realized that I was blabbering nìNa'vi to myself, repeating some words I just learned the day before. Haha, well, that still makes me grin.
And then there's just the "usual" stuff like "What, you're learning that?! Say something please ^___^" and so on, so nothing special to add here ^^

Quote from: Question #20: Bonus QuestionWhat inspires you when you are drawing your pictures?  How do they arise? Do you have your current picture, you are drawing on, completely in your mind or do you draw just a line and from this line the entire picture arises?
*copy-pastes this text from her website because she's a lazy ass today, sorry :D*
It depends. It's not (in no case until today) that I sit somewhere for hours and hours and observe my surroundings – hoping that something will pop before my eye which I could use in any way for my artwork.
Most times the process of getting inspired happens spontaneous and unexpected. For example I watch a movie or a specific situation – and all of a sudden I got a picture in my head which I need/want to draw immediately. Or I lie in my bed, short before falling asleep – and suddenly a picture rushes into my mind which I also need/want to draw immediately. Hardly ever it's that way that I look for a specific source of inspiration in order to create a motive out of it. But this works almost never.
Often it's like... I sit down and just watch what is going to happen. It's quite variably. But most times it happens spontaneous, without any presage.
*copy-paste end*
While creating a picture... it differs. Most of the time it's like... I said before. I sit down, grab a pen and some papersheets and just start to draw a few lines, either watching myself creating something new or just being in some kind of trance while drawing. In this case I'm drawing/painting something and when it's done I kinda "wake up" and see/notice/realize what I've created there, hehe.
And yeah, sometimes it's just like a picture I already got in my mind, which I'm trying to put on paper.
Commissions are something very different needless to say, because they're something which other people want me to draw, so yeah. ^^

Yeah, I guess that's about it :) Thanks again for letting me be NotW this week :3
Tìsung: Oeyä yayayr sì Keyeyri nìNa'vi/nì'Ìnglìsì oeru txoa livu, taluna kelkune zìma'u oe ftu/ta trro-amrr-Metal-Festival ulte 'efu ngeyn, meyp sì ngong nìtxan ~.~ ^^

'Ivong Na'vi ulte Eywa ayngahu frakrr :)


Ma Kris,

seykxel sì nitram. Hufwa oel sponot tok pxiset ulte tsurokx new oe ngaru pivlltxe san ngari lu oeru nrra apxa. Nga lu numeyu asìltsan a newomum frakrr sì kanu sì 'o' sìk. :)

It was very interesting to read your post. Although we spent the odd hour in skype I feel one never learns everything about a person.

What a coincidence :D I have the same opinion about Zombies. The fast ones creep me out :P Sometimes I dream of them for no reason - pure horror ^^

Ngeyä kintrr lìyevu lefpom!
Hayalovay mì Skayp fu TS ;)

Tirea Aean


Ma Eana Unil,
herzlichen Glückwunsch  :D
Es war sehr interessant, Deine Zeilen zu lesen.
Ich wünsche Dir eine erfolgreiche Woche und viele Besucher und Kommentaristen  ;)


PS: richtig / falsch / richtig
"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR

´eveng te atan

Seykxel sì nitram, ma oeyä tstunwia numeyu anawm.

Very ionteresting to read this story "about you".
Thank you very much for the rl pics of you.
Although both are looking very nice and "interesting",
I prefer the 2nd ;).
Let me (an old man) say. "You look very beautiful!" to you.

Pxesìpawmìri ngeyä zene oe 'en sivi...
Hmmm... Oer lu tìngäzìk apxa, oel fpìl...
Fpìl oel fwa pxesì'eyng kxawm tsivun livu ngay - tsleng - ngay.
Srefereiey nìprrte' fwa nga tsun kivulat nìwana pxesì'eyngit kintrray... ;)

Oel ngat kayameie.

Ta 'eveng te atan


Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
Bei dir freue ich mich immer auf neue künstlerische Beiträge und neuerdings natürlich auf Fortsetzungen des Comics.
Die Bilder, die du uns von dir präsentierst, passen auch gut zu dir. So, wie man sich dich vorstellt.

Deine Fragen/Behauptungen möchte ich mit true/true/false raten.

Blue Elf

Ma Eana Unil! Fpìl oel futa swelu txo nga slivu Na'vi kintträ sre srr apxay. Seykxel sì nitram! Furia oe tsun ngat tsive'a fìtsenge, 'efu nitram.

QuoteInstead it always was (and still is) my dream to become a tattoo-artist one day and I can't wait to work in this line of business.
I Think you'd be good at such work.
QuoteMany of us may want to live on Pandora, but our planet is one of the most beautiful worlds in the universe, that I'm quite sure about. Our planet is precious and the only one we have...
... and so few people is aware of this fact...
I'm not surprised :)
QuoteZombie. For I like zombies and zombie movies
IMHO also predictable ;D

Pxesäplltxeviri oe 'en si.... Hmmmmmm....
1. not sure, but let's say tsleng
2. Ngay! And I'm sure you'd do good business here if you sell your pictures!
3. ngay. Such actions are a little unsafe...

Ngaru livu 'o'a kintrr akosman!
Oe lu skxawng skxakep. Slä oe nerume mi.
"Oe tasyätxaw ulte koren za'u oehu" (Limonádový Joe)

Ateyo Te Syaksyuk

Oeyä 'en:
Oe plltxe NGAY, NGAY, NGAY
All three questions seem entirely possible!

You are an awesome artist!

Niri Te

You know that I sometimes write auf Deutsch, but for this congratulatory post I don't want to massacre the grammar, so I'll keep it in English.
  First off, (this is coming from a woman of 62, so I have seen my share of young women over the decades), you are a strikingly beautiful woman.
  Secondly, If you have the dream of becoming a Tattoo artist, and you don't give up on yourself, I believe that you will make it, and as the 19 year wife of a fine artist, I believe that you will make a really fine artist yourself, no matter WHAT media you use.
  About your now calling your Boyfriend, your Husband, If the two of you have "Mated before Eywa", the Federal Republic of Germany's opinion really doesn't matter.
  Finally, I believe the answer to all three is TRUE.

Have a WONDERFUL week, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors.
Niri Te
Tokx alu tawtute, Tirea Le Na'vi


Oel ngati kameie, ma Eana Unil

This time I write a mishmash of english and Na'vi, to congratulate you. :-X

Seykxel sì nitram, sìlpey oe tsnì Eywa ngahu livu frakrr sì fratseng.

Your self - drawn draft looks very pretty to me. I like this theme. ( The beauty
and the beast. )

Quote from: Eana Unil on August 13, 2012, 01:12:25 PM
Furthermore I like nearly every kind of animal. Cats, dogs, geckos, Axolotls, snakes, rats, mice, birds, dolphins, sharks, whales, scorpions, spiders (though I'm afraid of them, lol), yeah, nearly every kind of animal.

Kop ayvrrtep? ;D

Its from my favorite artist Royo and if I see your Pic, I very surprised and remember about this one. :)

Hope you finished your Na'vi Bust in the future. The looks enchanting. :-*
I'm very interessted in this Figurine and if you wish, then I show this on the collectors and retailer Board.
Ke omum oel lunit slä ke tsun pivey nulkrr. :-\

Quote from: Niri Te on August 16, 2012, 09:02:34 PM
You know that I sometimes write auf Deutsch, but for this congratulatory post I don't want to massacre the grammar, so I'll keep it in English.

Why? I do this every time with the english and Na'vi grammar and it works fine. Okay not really... :-[ :-X ;D And btw. I have no problems to understand your german.

Now comes the hardest... I hate to guess...

Teri pxesìpawm... 'en si oe: ngay, tsleng, ngay  :-\

Ivong Na'vi, ma smuke ulte livu Eywa ngahu frakrr sì fratseng,

-ta Robert
kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe


Ma Eana Unil, kameie ngat... ulte seykxel sì nitram.

Your backstory was interesting to read!  

QuoteConsume less stuff, buy stuff in recicable wrappings, do recicling, buying eggs and meat from happy animals, buying this and vegetables from our region, to waste less energy, and so on. Maybe not enough, but at least something.
Don't give up and always remember: One person can make all the difference in the world.  :)

Tse, let's go directly to the question of the questions... The true-or-false section of your post.
Let me guess:

  • 1ve) tì'efumì oeyä nìwotx tsunslu fte livu ngay ... fu plltxe ko san Pelun ke tsun livu?   hrh
  • 2ve) skxakep ngay.
  • 3ve) skxakep tsleng.

    Regarding the facts of being together with your muntxatan for nine years now and being a(n tattoo-)artist, I can't believe that it wasn't possible to re-establish your meoauniaea, kefyak?

    Eywa ngahu, ma tsmuk.
    - ta Ikxeru
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Krro tsayun oe 'ivefu nìftxavang nìmun.
Krro oeri txe'lan tìsraw ke sasyi nulkrr ulte tsun oe rivun tìme'emit nìmun.
Krro fra'u lasyatem.
Krro a lu pxiye'rìn, pxiswaway, pxiset, set.
Krro lu krrpe? Ke omum nìno, tì'eyngmungwrr a'aw a lu oer.
Krro layu...

Eana Unil

Kaltxì seiyi oe ayngaru nìmun, ma oeyä eylan!

Tse... sko Na'vi kintrrä kintrr ameuianga' oeyä 'eri'a nìkeftxo. Fula oe tsun tstu sivi fìkìngur set fa tìoeyktìng irayosì 'eykefu oet nitram tsalsungay.
Kosmana kintrr asìltsan lamu oer ulte furia pxaya 'eylan oeyä pamrel soli fìtseng, new oe irayo sivi ayngaru nìtxan.

Pxesäplltxeri oeyä new oe oeyktivìng set ^^

Kum 'enä ayngeyä:

Yaknun                    ngay - tsleng - ngay
'eveng te atan                    ngay - tsleng - ngay
Ricardo                    ngay - ngay - tsleng
Blue Elf                    tsleng - ngay - ngay
Ateyo Te SyakSyuk                    ngay - ngay - ngay
Niri Te                    ngay - ngay - ngay
Eichhörnchen                    ngay - tsleng - ngay
Ikxeru                    ngay - ngay - tsleng

Furia aynga 'en soli, irayo seiyi ayngar :)

Säplltxe a'awve - first statement: ngay/true.

Säplltxe amuve - second statement: ngay/true.

Säplltxe apxeve - third statement: tsleng/false.

Tse... fì'u lolu kintrr "oeyä". Furia oeru lamu fìskxom irayo si oe nìmun ulte irayo si fraporu a aminan sì/fu pamrel sami. Eywa livu ayngahu nìwotx :)


Ma Eana, congratulations for being Na'vi of the week (took more than a week I guess  ;D ).

I feel guilty of not having much to say and being late (I wanted to write something long, but I only had a mobile phone, then the forums crashed).

I think you are a great person, and aside of this, you remind me of some of my past : I had a great relationship with someone for almost 7 years. I did not think I would hear someone in my generation having longer than me before long.

You can make your dream come true if you invest your energy in it and do things properly. You can absolutely make it.

I wish you and your muntxatan a happy future. ;)

Eana Unil

Although I'm not the current NotW anymore, I want to thank you, ma Tsmuktengan, nonetheless very much for your kind words :) They made me smile.


Out of curiosity, what does your boyfriend think of Avatar?
Trouble keeps me running faster

Save the planet from disaster...

Eana Unil

Am I allowed to post here still although I'm not NotW anymore? Well, this topic isn't closed yet, so... pxasìk :P

Kaltxì ma Raiden,

well, I woulnd't say that he doesn't like Avatar, because imo he's not in the "position" for liking or not liking the movie, because he never fully watched it. He sometimes looked to the television when I was watching it, but he never watched the movie from the beginning to the end, so yeah.
Let's say he's not a fan, but he thinks that it looks cool and he "tolerates" that I'm a total Avatar nerd and talking nìNa'vi - he supports and loves me nonetheless :P :)
And well, I'm loving him although it's this way... and that he's bugging me with Wrestling all the time (he's an absolute Wrestling fan) xD Hehe. The balance of life, kefyak. ^^

But yeah, it's time for a new NotW, that's why I'm closing this thread now :) Thanks again to all who read this and responded to it.  :-*