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Started by Palulukanä Tarontu, October 08, 2012, 11:50:00 AM

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Palulukanä Tarontu

Quote from: Question #1Who are you?
Hi everyone, my name is Sebastian. I am 22 years old and I come from a small town near Düsseldorf in North Rine-Westphalia. My family exists of a mother, a step father and an older brother. There is also an existing contact to my real father.
At this time I speak german as native language, english as my second language. There are some other languages like french and japanese where I only know a bit of the grammar and some words (I want to learn more japanese ;).
I am working at the local stainless steel plant as an electronics engineer for maintenance which I can say is a really varying job.

Quote from: Question #2Why are you here?
After the first time I saw Avatar there were some things I wanted to know. So I searched in the internet for further informations. Then I saw, that the spoken language in the movie was not only gibberish, there was a meaning behind these words. The language was interesting so there were more things to look up. I found the website and the forum, but I didn't stay here. After a half year I decided to register in this forum to learn the language.

Quote from: Question #3Where do your alias and profile pic come from?
I played a little with the language and tried to translate 'the hunted of the palulukan' into Na'vi. Now I know, that my name is not really correct but kept it until today.

Quote from: Question #4Srak nga tsun nìna'vi pivlltxe?
Sran. Oe stun pivlltxe nìna'vi nì'it. I know most of the grammar, but only a few words. The others I need I have to look up myself :D.

Quote from: Question #5What's you favorite Na'vi word? Did you incorporate it (or others) into your everyday vocab?
There are some words like Kaltxì, hayalovay and kìyevame. But I use them only with other Na'vi speakers. At work or at home I use Na'vi very rare.

Quote from: Question #6In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content on the LN website?
I can't say these 3. All the content is worth reading and for beginners helpful. Everyone spent a lot of time to create Na'vi related things.

Quote from: Question #7Have you made any contributions to the LN community that you're particularly proud of?
There were some small things I made in the german section and was part of the last 2 german radio plays.

Quote from: Question #8What is it that you liked/hated the most about Avatar ?
Anytime I stopped counting how often I saw the movie. I guess it is around 30-40 times.
Hard to say what specific part I liked/hated. I liked the development of the friendship of Jake and Neytiri and how she tried to open Jake's eyes. The most I hated were the actions of the RDA, how they tried to get the resources to make money.

Quote from: Question #9Has Avatar  changed your life in any way?
Yes it did. I can't say which things I would have done or not without the movie. There was a dark time before I saw this movie the first time.

Quote from: Question #10If you could ask Frommer or Cameron three movie or language related questions what would they be?
I don't have a lot questions anymore. The most was already answered by some stuff about the movie. One of the questions is:
- Which languages were used to crate the language of the Na'vi and how difficult was it with the influence of Cameron?

Quote from: Question #11What else do you do in you free time?
The afternoon after work I sleep a lot. When I do some things at my pc I am listening to music or I do some things with friends. Then there are also our german meetings I try to visit.
Apart from that there are not so many things I do.

Quote from: Question #12Name your top three favorite Earth animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of?
I don't have a specific rank list for my favorite animal. There are some insects which I respect, because you don't know what they want to do. To name some: Bees (wasps). They don't attack when they're not attacked. But sometimes they are just annoying ;).

Quote from: Question #13Pirate, ninja, zombie, or robot?
I think pirate. But only to see more of the world by just sailing. But I don't need some super powers.

Quote from: Question #14What three items would you take to a desert island and why?
- Devices to reuse water
- some fruit seeds
- a PC with internet connection to keep in contact with the world

There are many things that you possibly need on an island like this. It is hard to choose what you need.

Quote from: Question #15If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?
Travel in Space: There are a lot of places to be visited. Outside of earth I would fly to pandora to see the places of the movie.
Travel in Time: I would travel to the old days, to the places where missing history was written. I think there are a lot pieces lost. Or how are the pyramids built? What technical developments do the Mayas use in their time?
Sometimes I wonder if it would help to avoid some mistakes...

Quote from: Question #16If you were granted one single wish what would it be?
That the world would be healed. There are millions in poor countries who are hungry while our civilization does wars and destroys food and the nature of wild animals.

Quote from: Question #17What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?
This is a question that is asked very often: Am I doing the right thing? I really can't answer it. I try not to do a simple mistake at a second time.

Quote from: Question #18True or false?
- I have been at one of the places where the Nazis killed millions of Jews.
- An urgent surgery saved my life.
- I destroyed one of the important machines at work.

Quote from: Question #19: My Life is AVTRWhat is the funniest, weirdest, or most embarrassing Na'vi or Avatar  related thing that has happened to you?
Currently I don't know if I had something special Avatar related.

Quote from: Question #20: Bonus Question...
No question given.
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Seykxel si nitram, ma Palulukanä Tarontu!
Have a nice week as NotW! :)

The T/F section:
...everything is possible. :-\
-> 1. ngay/true
-> 2. ngay/true
-> 3. ngay/true

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Kaltxi ma Palulukanä Tarontu.

Congratulation for NotW. I hope you find much visitors  :D

For your Questions I think yes/yes/false is ok.

It is very sad for missing bonus question  :'(

Have good time here.

"Sie leben, Jake, in Eywa"

alt, aber
vernarrt in AVATAR


Congrats my friend ! I say true/true/false  :)

Ich bleibe in Erinnerung. Ich habe mit Toruk Makto gekämpft. Und wir waren Brüder. Und er war mein letzter Schatten.


Seykxel sì nitram, ma Palulukanä Tarontu!
Skxomìri a smon nga nì'it, irayo seiyi oe. Sìlpey oe tsnì ngeyä kintrr livu 'o' ngar, ftxey tare lì'fyati leNa'vi fuke.

Teri pxesäplltxevi ngeyä, 'en sìyi oe san Tsleng, Ngay, Ngay sìk - ulte pxefì'u lu 'en a luke tìomum nìngay.

Sunu oeru fwa soaia Na'viyä Kintrrä mi tsawl sleru nì'ul'ul. :)
Tätxawyu akì'ong.

Blue Elf

Kaltxì ma Palulukanä Tarontu! Furia nga slu Na'vi kintrrä seykxel sì nitram!
German clan has really incredible number of member :) I'm sure this part of forum does not die.

Regarding Ng/Ts (T/F) questions I'll try to agree with Tìtstewan and set all my answers to Ngay/true (if the third one is really true, what kind of machine it was? Central computer or even something better? ;D)

Livu kintrr ngeyä sì hintrr ahay teya si fa tì'o'. Nawma Sa'nok ngaru lrrtok sivi frakrr.
Oe lu skxawng skxakep. Slä oe nerume mi.
"Oe tasyätxaw ulte koren za'u oehu" (Limonádový Joe)

pukapa nari

Kaltxì ma Palulukanä Tarontu ...

interesting answers ;)

#1. ngay/true (I guess in Germany every history teacher will take a class to such places ...)
#2. tsleng/false (I hope, there was no need for it ...)
#3. tsleng/false (I think, you are too diligent/accurate for such ...)

Have a good week - and additionally .. at least one cup of sunshine everyday (still after this week)  !!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

E. n.


Congratulations to you!  :D

Because I have experiences with the topics you mention for your three true/false-questions I guess that every given answer is true.


Oel ngati kameie, ma nawma tsmukan Palulukanä Tarontu

Oe zola'u fìtsengne fte tsivun pivlltxe ngaru seykxel sì nitram, ulte smon nìprrte. :)

Sìlpey oe tsnì Eywa ngahu livu frakrr sì fratseng.

Teri pxesìpawm ngay - tsleng... 'en si oe: Ngay - Tsleng - Ngay. :-\

kintrrìri txana tì'o' ngar livu... fu peu i`an. :P

'Ivong Na'vi ulte Eywa hu nga,

- ta Robert
kxetse sì mikyun kop plltxe

Palulukanä Tarontu

My week is over now. Thank you for your answers and for your congratulations.

To my facts:

1: True I really did a 2 week long trip to Auschwitz in Poland where I visited with some other interested pupils of my grade the concentration camp there. Not every teacher did this in my school. You had to sign to this outside of class.
2:True Yes... there was such a surgery just because I disobeyed a simple ignition that became bigger. I couldn't sleep the night before I went to my doctor because of bad pain.
3: False I did not destroy important machines. I am in a team that repairs those. And if I don't know what to do, I will ask an experienced workmate twice ;)

Hope my english was not so bad. A new NotW is chosen and accepted this challenge.

Ta Palulukanä Tarontu ;)
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"When people are sitting on s*** you want, you make them your enemy. Then you're justified in taking it."
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