NotW #127: Eana Yayo

Started by Eanayayo, January 14, 2013, 11:30:54 AM

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Thanks for Alyara and Kameyu for meaning of word "bike". ;)

So, I had a nice week with you.
I'm really motorbiker, it is Honda Dio, more true it's scooter. :)
In summer I am going to buy minisportbike Honda ns-1. It's very cool thing for 49cc! ;)

Well, I have only one sister, her name is Ann. She'll be 14 in March.
Me and my sister in Egypt before riding by ATV, funny photo! ;D

And I really have Na'vi skin in Minecraft, I made it. I can't show it because I write it by phone.

I say "goodbye" and give way for next NotW. My week was second in this year, I hope that my NotW will be  my best week in January.
Fraporu irayo nìtxan sì Eywa ayngahu!

NotW #127: Eana Yayo
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