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NotW #6: Sä'nek

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*bets its another guy off SOP*

No, actually ;) I'm going to break the chain and be fair.

Well, make sure you let them know before hand. lawl :)

Yeah, few answers but that doesn’t mean your answers go without being noticed – I’m always interested in what other people are doing and where they come from. What made them come here and be part of the community. Especially because it is such a fast growing community it is hard to recognise or have seen everybody here and there. So, this is a great way to get to know each other better. ;)

As for true/false, I’d go for F/T/T (I didn’t know that two of three could be true…)

Enjoy your remaining hours as being NoW ;)

—ngeyä Plumps

Ok, new new NotW notified because my first choice never responded. The answers to the true/false stuff was TTF, hrh. I don't think a single one of you got that right. Thanks for a great time!


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