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NotW #6: Sä'nek

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1. Who are you?

I'm a teenager from the deep south, born and raised in Georgia. I'm 15 years old, 16 in two weeks, but I can't drive until December :/ I'm a born daredevil, completely at home with heights and balance and have taken up Parkour because of Avatar. Preferably after High School I'll go to a tech school and get a degree in computer science and start my own iPhone/iPad development co. I'm the oldest child in my family, and it shows on occasion. Once you get to know me well enough, there's not a thing I won't do for you to protect you or help you. I'm tall and slender, a born runner and extremely agile. Yeah, feel free to ask more questions.

2. Why are you here?

I saw Avatar the Saturday after it came out and remember feeling a strange sense of peace after leaving the theatre. On the ride home, the thought crossed my mind: "I wonder if that is a real language?" I'm a Spanish 3 student and enjoy language learning so I was overjoyed to find this site when it was a mere 6-700 people. We have grown, haven't we? I'm glad I did, that is for sure. I've made friends with several people that I now consider family that I would have never known before, with the exception of possibly the infamous Robert Nangtangä Tirea, who lives only 45 minutes away. I have had to cut down on the time I spend on this site because of my studies, but if the Storm Over Pandora RP would pick up the pace some, I would spend most of my summer here.

3. Where do your alias and profile pic come from?

My Avatar was done by ftiafpi, still major thanks to him. My alias, as it were, is a shortened/changed version of my original horrible-grammar translation: Sänumeyu. Yes, that is me on my profile picture.

4. Srak nga tsun nìna’vi pivlltxe?

Srane. 'it. Not as much as I would like to though. Eventually I'd love to be able to converse fluently with people in Na'vi. The Learn Na'vi App is a very nice resource, you will enjoy it when it gets released to the app store, then there's the Na'vi in a Nutshell packet. But the best resource is the forums where you've got talented speakers mentoring students. My mother hates it, my dad doesn't quite care, and my brother thinks I'm weird, but we all knew that already. I've "converted" several people, but only a few have stuck with it.

5. What's you favorite Na’vi word? Did you incorporate it (or others) into your everyday vocab?

Definitely srane. Love the pronunciation and I use it very commonly in my everyday vocab.

6. In your opinion, what are the top three user-created content on the LN website?

The Learn Na'vi app, the Na'vi in a Nutshell pdf, and soon to be the workbook.

7. Have you made any contributions to the LN community that you're particularly proud of?

Only beta testing the Learn Na'vi app and writing for the most read RP on the forums :D

8. What is it that you liked/hated the most about Avatar ?

I'm going to be cliche and say I liked everything and hated nothing. I'm a sucker for a good story and Avatar nailed that. In theaters I saw it a total of 7 times, not nearly as many as someone like Technowraith but still worthy of recognition :P

9. Has Avatar changed your life in any way?

I've become more open-minded and less judgmental. As a Christian, that's what we often get labeled as is judgmental and I'm working on changing that. I have definitely become more eco-friendly, recycling and preferring cold showers over comfortable warm ones and the like. Again, I'm Christian, so Gaia, while an interesting theory, is not my core belief. Yes, I had my photo shopped and I love it.

10. If you could ask Frommer or Cameron three movie or language related questions what would they be?

a. To Cameron: "What inspired you to make such an incredible movie?"

b. To Frommer: "INFINITIVES!"

c. To Frommer: "How long do you spend a night working out words for Na'vi?"

11. What else do you do in you free time?

I play any musical instrument you place in front of me, am a catcher on a local travel baseball team, play Xbox 360 (mostly Halo, gamertag is AtomBlaster4), and hang out with my other friends.

12. Name your top three favorite Earth animals from most favorite to least. Why those? What's the animal you're most terrified of?

Wolves, birds, and cats. Odd combo, I know. Wolves are the most loyal creatures on God's green Earth, and you'll find I'm the same way. I'm really protective of anyone, specifically the ones I love, and will place my life on the line to ensure their safety. You want to know another amazing fact? Google Arctic Wolves and get back to me about their mating standards. Birds because of their ability to be free to roam the skies. That kind of freedom is seldom felt by the human race. And cats because they're really funny to watch xD I hate spiders. I spend a ton of time in the woods, and I really freak out when I walk into a spider web with a huge spider in it.

13. Pirate, ninja, zombie, or robot?

Definitely a ninja. I'm really close to that anyway (urban ninjas for the win!) ;)

14. What three items would you take to a desert island and why?

My iTouch, my Bible, and a boat. My iTouch can entertain me for a while, my Bible as well, and I love being out on the open sea, so a boat would be nice.

15. If you could travel to anywhere in space and time (including fictional universes), where would you go and why?

Probably to the year 2552 so I could join the USNC and fight the Covenant. I'm a major Halo franchise fanatic. It's story is the best of it's kind for the Xbox and Xbox 360 ;)

16. If you were granted one single wish what would it be?

For world peace. Simple as that. If everyone in the world got along, there would be so much more to live for here on Earth. It's sad how screwed up we really are.

17. What is a question you'd ask yourself? How would you answer it?

"Is insanity contagious?" My answer would be: "Depends. Insanity is a matter of opinion, like most things society comes up with. For instance, bobberslagenwaffle, and yet, I'm completely sane in my eyes."

18. True or false?

I once spoke with the Bassist from Hawk Nelson and proceeded to get his signature and bass pick.

I speak 3 languages.

I can do a standing back flip.

19. My Life is AVTR

Definitely picking up the nickname "Avatar" in my team sports class this semester :P And for the record, it's "My Life is Na'vi", MLIN ;)


I'll answer any other questions, and I'm looking forward to question 20 Hawnu ;)

This is Sä'nek, your Na'vi of the Week!

kewnya txamew'itan:

--- Quote from: Sä'nek on May 24, 2010, 12:41:33 pm ---b. To Frommer: "INFINITIVES!"

--- End quote ---

This might sound flippant but why would we need them?

tì- nouns, gerunds or modal subjunctives seem to have all the bases covered to me.

Also, I'm guessing F/T/T, we already know you speak Spanish at least to some extent, you clearly speak English and you can speak a bit of na'vi, the question is can you speak more? As for the last one, you do parkour, that makes it plausible.

But to me, it seems like there are instances where infinitives are unable to be avoided...like in that instance. Perhaps I don't quite know enough about the language at the moment, but they seem necessary.

kewnya txamew'itan:
That would be "a fko ke tsun [av<iv>oid]" nìna'vi, so just a modal subjunctive.  ;)

One I'm having trouble with is Hamlet's soliloquy but I think a normal subjunctive should work there.

Huh. Looks like I could stand to learn a lot then ;)


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