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2020 Na'vi Writing Contest


Alyara Arati:
We would like to announce the start of this year’s Na’vi Writing Contest!  The rules are relatively simple.  All submissions must be original works and completely in the Na’vi language.  You have your choice of two themes: either the more specific topic of the myths, tales, and legends of the Na’vi people; or the broader subject of friendship, and what it means to you.  Lightstorm has asked us to refrain from speculative writing about any future events that might be addressed in the upcoming films.  Please categorize yourself as a beginner or intermediate/advanced speaker, since we will be judging these separately.  Poetry must have no more than 500 words, essays 1000 maximum, and short stories 1500 or less.  Only one submission per author will be accepted.  Prizes awarded may vary depending on participation.  The contest will end as of April 17th.  All works will be assigned random numbers by a third party before blind judging.  Email your submissions as attachments to:  [email protected] - Contact Tirea Aean, Plumps, or myself with any questions, and have fun!

Txantsan :D
Nice that it really will go!

Alyara Arati:
Irayo!  :D  I've never been involved with organizing something like this before, so it took longer than I thought, but I'm very glad that it's happening! :)

Kea tìkin :) Yeah, great that it's happening!


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