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Alyara Arati:
I'd love to kick 2020 off with a reprise of the Na'vi Language Writing Contests we used to have back in the 2010s!
I propose that this would be open to all levels of Na'vi speakers, both here and from the Discord community, for categories of:  Essay; Short Story; and Poetry/Lyrics, to be divided according to skill if we have enough participants.  Right now I'm only trying to judge potential involvement, so no promises...
If you have any interest at all, please vote, and/or get back to me by personal message.
~ Alyara

Nice Idea :D
I would consider participation.

Toruk Makto:
This is great idea!   Should have a specific topic, or open to anything?

Alyara Arati:

--- Quote from: Toruk Makto on January 07, 2020, 12:45:41 pm ---This is great idea!   Should have a specific topic, or open to anything?

--- End quote ---

Excellent question!  I talked to Karyu Pawl, and he'd like to see a theme.  He has some ideas, but first he'd like to see what the community has in mind, so feel free to (ie. pretty please, do!) suggest whatever you feel is good, here or in a message.  :)

Since we are rapidly approaching a new generation of all things Avatar, "visions of the future of avatar/na'vi" could be a great theme. There is a great sense of hope and anticipation surrounding the sequels and all that comes with them. It's a broad enough category to allow for a range of interpretations, too.


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