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Unila kelkuyu si:
I have noticed recently that in addition to the normal world languages, you can change your default language on facebook to some mock languages.  One common one that a lot of my friends use in "Pirate" and it just changes all the text in the facebook skin into different "Pirate Terms".  I am no expert on Na'vi, in fact, my knowledge is very limited, but if anyone is looking for a project, it might be kindof cool to have a Na'vi facebook language so that everything was in Na'vi!  ;D

Maweya tswonyu:
i was thinking about this too. if anyone knows how to add a language to the translation pp, that would be cool.

Unila kelkuyu si:
i saw some app on facebook the other day for creating new languages, but i cannot seem to find it anymore  :(  i thought it was under the language tab in settings but not there anymore

Google also has a lot of different languages, even Klingon.
But I guess it would be a bit more complicated to translate it, since Google has to add it themselves.

Mmmhhh... I love the smell of old threads ;)

Anyway, while idly browsing facebook, I came across this request. Now, I don't know what has to be done to get a new language added to facebook translations, but from the looks of it we might just try and get as many people as possible to support this. Maybe if there's enough interest, it will be added.


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