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Kaltxì, ma Na'viyä. I am rillegas08 on pretty much everything, and also Rick the Avatard on youtube, facebook, twitter, and gmail. I first watched Avatar on Earth Day 2010, and immediately fell in love with it. I started learning the language and found like minds on IMVU and started rping Na'vi. At the time, there were talks among the rpers about starting a school to teach Na'vi so that we could eventually rp in 100% Na'vi. Those plans fell through at the time, but I've noticed that the old Na'vi rpers have started rping again a little more frequently. I started a Na'vi school and gave the first lesson in Na'vi on July 8 on the alphabet, pronunciation, and some useful phrases. I'm even posting the chatlogs in the forum on my clan page for people who missed the lesson but still want to read it.

I've also considered restarting my language lessons on my Avatard youtube channel. I currently only have two, and the video quality and content are less than I would have liked. I'm also considering starting a podcast once I get a new computer (at the time I had no idea that Radio Avatar, Avatar Nation, and Tirea Radio existed, but after seeing the last posts was in 2012, I figured that with the sequels coming out soon that it would be a good idea to start working on getting one going).

I've got big plans, but for now I'll be happy if some of you would like to join us on IMVU! I'll post the lesson times here when I can.


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