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Lenition from the ay- prefix means that eylan is the plural of 'eylan. So, they are plurals. :)

Thanks for the help Ftiafpi! Edited and pushed. I added some more:

--- Quote ---es["Get updates via RSS"] = "Tel ayfmawnit ìlä RSS";
// es["Report Page"] = "";
es["like this"] = "fì'u sunu";
es["talking about this"] = "";
es["Wall"] = "'Awkx";
es["Info"] = "Säomum";
es["Friend activity"] = "Tìn eylanä";
es["Photos"] = "Ayrel";
es["See all"] = "Kame nìwotx";
// es["Recommended Pages"] = "";
es["Discover new games"] = "Run mipa ayuvanti";
// es["There are no more posts to show."] = "";
es["Find friends"] = "Run eylanit";
es["Product/Service"] = "Kìte'e";
es["Lives in"] = "Kelku si mì";
es["In a relationship with"] = "Muntxa susi mì";
es["Life event"] = "Tìlen tìreyä";
es["Place"] = "Tsenge";
es["Photo"] = "Rel";
es["Status"] = "Tìfkeytok";
// es["mutual friends"] = "";
// es["Update info"] = "";
es["Activity log"] = "Sìnä 'ok";
es["Likes"] = "Susunua ayfì'u";
es["Map"] = "Atkxkxerel";
es["Born"] = "'Amongokx";
es["Richard Littauer"] = "Skxawng Makto alu Taronyu";
--- End quote ---

Got some new ones up. Ones with a // before them haven't been done.

--- Quote ---es["See friendship"] = "Tse'a tì'eylanti";
es["Sponsored"] = "Awneyk";
es["Create an advert"] = "Ngop nusewìt";
es["Subscriptions"] = "";
es["More Recent Activity"] = "";
es["View As..."] = "Tse'a tengfya...";
es["Add a badge to your site"] = "";
es["Edit"] = "Latem";
es["Timeline"] = "Krrä Payfya";
es["Now"] = "Set";
es["Use Facebook as:"] = "Sar Keypukit tengfya:";
es["Search"] = "Fwew";
es["Translations"] = "";
es["Friend requests"] = "'Eylan ätxäle";
es["No new requests"] = "Kea mipa ayätxäle";
es["See all friend requests"] = "Tse'a eylanìri ayätxäleti nìwotx";
es["Messages"] = "'Upxare";
es["Send a new message"] = "Fpe' mipa 'upxareti";
es["See all messages"] = "Tse'a upxare nìwotx";
es["Notifications"] = "Ayfmawn";
es["See all notifications"] = "Tse'a ayfmawnit nìwotx";
es["Post"] = "Plltxe";
es["Cancel"] = "Ftang";
//es["Select an image or video file on your computer"] = "";
//es["Choose file"] = "";
//es["No file chosen"] = "";
es["Add year"] = "Sung zìsìtit";
es["January"] = "'Awve vospxì";
es["February"] = "Muve vospxì";
es["March"] = "Pxeyve vospxì";
es["April"] = "Tsìve vospxì";
es["May"] = "Mrrve vospxì";
es["June"] = "Puve vospxì";
es["July"] = "Kive vospxì";
es["August"] = "Volve vospxì";
es["September"] = "Volawve vospxì";
es["October"] = "Vomuve vospxì";
es["November"] = "Vopeyve vospxì";
es["December"] = "Vosìve vospxì";
es["Change Cover"] = "Latem Keyit";
es["Edit Profile Picture"] = "Latem Txina Key Relä";
es["Chat Sounds"] = "Puslltxe Fam";
es["Advanced Settings"] = "Ngäzìka Sìfkeytok";
es["Go offline"] = "Kämakto!";
es["Hide Sidebar"] = "Wan Pa'oä Payfya";
es["Subscribed"] = "Tsuse'a";
--- End quote ---

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Tewti nang!

I will have to set this up on my Facebook account, but probably my home account first.

On the short plurals, it has been suggested that they should not be used in places where they may cause confusion. One of these is words that begin with a glottal stop, like 'eylan. It is easy to miss the initial glottal stop. So, either eylan or ayeylan is correct for 'friends'. (Short plurals are customary but always optional.) Use the long form where there might be any confusion.

Reykoveyzä te Werufalä Haflak'ite:
Oops  :P my bad guys ...ohe lu skxawng

This is really cool. I am monitoring this.  :)

I thought about offering the translation of KDE recently, but I'll leave this project progress and achieve it's aim before then.  ;)


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