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On what?

Tirea Aean:

--- Quote from: Tsmuktengan on November 22, 2012, 06:23:08 am ---On what?

--- End quote ---

As thread title and OP suggest, work on editing the translations in a greasemonkey text replacement javascript which works on the* domain.

Lahea Te Ketuwong Tarnahì'ite:
Oel fpìl futa lu txantsan, irayo nìtxan!  :)

Kameyul a Kepekmì Taronyuti kameie

You had a great idea, but it needs Facebook's collaboration. You need to have permission for translating Facebook into another language. Instead of, we can start a free forum (I know

Don't give up, because it would be great. If you start, or, I'll be there.

I have also name proposals: Naviri Keypuk, Naviyä Keypuk, Keypuk leNa'vi. ''NìNa'vi'' doesn't mean ''in Na'vi'', so that's why I don't suggest ''Keypuk nìNa'vi''.

Kìyevame ulte Eywa ngahu

You don't need Facebook's permission to make a javascript to translate it automatically, which is what we're doing. Did you read the thread?


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