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Octal Numbers for smf forums
« on: October 20, 2010, 07:34:07 am »
I thought about translating the smf forum software (which is also the software for some time ago.
There is already a (very early) translation that you can enable with grease monkey but i wanted to do it in a better way.

I did not translate it yet but i did something which is much less extensive (although it was a lot more work than expected):
A modification that replaces the decimal "human" numbers with the Na'vi octal equivalents preceded by the Frommer approved ° (degree) symbol (although i'm not that sure anymore since some people use another similar looking symbol).

here is a test forum:
admin: eywa
pw: meoauniaea

you can play around with all the settings but please don't destroy anything. I could tell you how to make up an own forum in 5 minutes if you want one.

what i couldn't do yet:
-find every occurrence of numbers. if you see a number that is not converted yet please tell me.
-most dates and times. It would require to replace a php built-in function. If somebody could help me out with that just voice in.
-fix all false replacements (for example if a text with a number is just replaced with a number)
-all numbers in text fields because smf needs normal decimal numbers to work

get out your calculators and be prepared for things like "°1 hour and °73 minutes" ;)

The forum stopped working. It seems to be an sql server problem because reinstalling didn't work either. Meanwhile you can watch the effect also at this forum:
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