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’Awa Tskxekengtsyìp a Mikyunfpi Nì’ul  — One More Little Listening Exercise
Posted on April 11, 2020 by Pawl

Ma smuk,

Sìlpey oe, ayngaru vivar livu fpom nìwotx.

Here’s the last listening exercise of the current batch, this time from our Mako. It’s a brief message encouraging you to do something. As before, please listen several times and see how much you can get. The text and translation will be in the next post.

And here, as promised, is Plumps’s transcription of his story, which you listened to last time, along with his English translation:

Ayngaru fìvurit a tì’eylanteri Ìstawä sì Syukuä

New oe piveng ayngar teri zeya tì’eylan. Zey pelun? Taluna fìtì’eylan lu pum a mìkam tutan sì syaksyuk. Srekrr ke lolen fìtìfkeytok kawkrr. Fìtì’eylanìri pefya len, set tìng mikyun …

Txono krra tutan a’ewan alu Ìstaw tarmìng nari pxawparo txanlokxeyä, tsìk stolawm pol hawmpamti astxong a mì na’rìng. Olomum pol futa kea snanantang ke sim. Slä nìfkeytongay smon poru frazawr na’rìngä; tafral olomum futa fìzawr syaksyukta za’u. Pole’un pol futa nari si keynven ne pamä tsim.

Nì’i’a rolun pol syaksyukä linit a mì tal lolu poru txukxa skxir a ftu ’etnaw askien ne mepun aftär. Lam fwa skxir za’u ta säfrìp nantangä. Tsari reypay wrrzera’u.

Hufwa Ìstaw nari sarmi tengkrr lerok, tsatutanìri fìswirätsyìp txopu soli nìtxan kuma new hivifwo nìwin, slä ftxey tsyìl ftxey tskawr ke tsolunslu. Fte syaksyuktsyìpit sleykivu mawey, Ìstawl poru stxenutolìng rina’ti sì mautiti a mol’an pol nìsyen. Polängkxo Ìstaw kop swirätsyìphu nìmwey nì’angosì ulte nìngay lam fwa sngolä’i ’ewana tsatutan mal livu syaksyukur.

Keng tolung pol Ìstawru futa sìn skxir yem ’umtsat a holena li pol mì sämunge, fteke reypay vivar wrrziva’u—ulte, irayo Eywaru, flolä. ’A’awa txono ahay Ìstaw ioanglok ’olì’awn fte poru tìhawnu sivi ulte vivar skxirti vivewng.

Tìmweypey ’ewana Na’viyä soleia. Nì’i’a tsolun ioang tsyivìl nìmun ulte polähem krr a plltxe san kìyevame sìk. Srefwa syaksyuk holum, poru Ìstaw syaw Syuku. Mefeyä tì’eylanìri azey fko tsun piveng nì’ul … slä hayalo alahe.

Meforu Eywata livu syawn.



I present to you this story about Ìstaw’s and Syuku’s friendship

I want to tell you about a special friendship. Why is it special? It’s special because it’s a friendship between a man and a Prolemuris. That had never happened before. Listen now how this friendship came about …

One night, while a young man named Ìstaw had the watch at the border of his country, he suddenly heard a strange unexpected noise in the forest. He knew that there was no viperwolf pack nearby. But as a matter of fact he was familiar with every animal cry of the forest; therefore he knew that this cry had come from a Prolemuris. He decided to carefully step to the source of the sound.

Finally he came upon a Prolemuris youngling that had a deep wound on its back from its right shoulder to its two left arms. It seemed the wound came from a bite of a viperwolf. Blood was coming out of it.

Although Ìstaw approached carefully, the little creature was so afraid of that person that it wanted to quickly flee but neither climbing nor limping was possible. In order to calm down the little Prolemuris, Ìstaw offered it seeds and fruits which it accepted in the end. Ìstaw also spoke with the little creature calmly and softly and truly it seemed that the Prolemuris started to trust that young man.

It even allowed  Ìstaw to put medicine, which he had already carried in his pouch, on the wound to stop the bleeding – and, thanks to Eywa, it was successful. For the next several nights Ìstaw stayed near the animal in order to protect it and keep tending to the wound.

The patience of the young Na’vi was worth the while. Finally the animal could climb again and it was time to say goodbye. Before Prolemuris left, Ìstaw named him Syuku, and there is more to tell about their friendship … but this is for another time.

May they both have Eywa’s blessing.


Srake fayskxekeng a mikyunfpi solunu ngaru? Lolu aysa’u lesar srak? Tsafya oe sìlpey!

EDIT 12 April:  I forgot to add but meant to: For those who celebrate, Happy Easter. Happy Passover. I hope this special time is as good as it can be for you under the circumstances.


ta Pawl


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