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Aylì’fyavi Lereyfya 1 — Cultural Terms 1
« on: August 01, 2015, 05:47:11 am »
Aylì’fyavi Lereyfya 1 — Cultural Terms 1

Kaltxì nìmun ayngaru nìwotx!

North American Avatar Meet 2015 is now history. The setting was beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, where the lì’fyaolo’
and Uniltìrantokxolo’ got together again to celebrate all things Avatar. This year’s tsawlultxa included seeing the film
on a big screen in a real theater; an astronomical evening at the Estes Park Memorial Observatory; a great presentation
and Q&A session with Brooks Brown, VP of Digital Development at Lightstorm Entertainment; a pineapple-themed raffle;
a clan meal generously hosted by LEI; and enjoyment of the breathtaking Colorado mountain environment.
As for lì’fya leNa’vi, I didn’t teach a new class this time but instead held an informal session to review the material
in the 101, 102, and 103 classes from previous meet-ups.

For those of you who made it to the meet-up, seeing you again was a tìprrte’ angay; for the aylomtu
who couldn’t be there, nìsìlpey zìsìtay!

And now some new vocabulary.

In this and subsequent posts, I’ll present some terms that specifically relate to Na’vi life and culture and to the
Pandoran environment. I hope you’ll find them useful in talking about the world of Avatar.

Note: For those of you who may have seen different versions of these terms: At the time the Activist Survival Guide
was submitted for publication, understanding of the Na’vi language was still developing. As a result, the publication
and Pandorapedia do not always reflect the agreed-upon definitions and usage. Please consider the following the
most current approved versions.

Also, I haven’t gone into detail about how some of these objects are constructed or used, or how they fit into
Na’vi culture. See the ASG or Pandorapedia for more information.

lereyfya (adj., le.REY.fya) ‘cultural’

Terms related to food and drink

huru (n., ‘cooking pot’

sey (n.) ‘cup or bowl minimally modified from naturally occurring resources’

’e’in (n., ’e.’IN) ‘pod, gourd’

’e’insey (n., ’e.’IN.sey) ‘drinking gourd’

sum (n.) ‘shell (from the ocean)’

sumsey (n., SUM.sey) ‘drinking vessel made of shell’

swoasey (n., SWO.a.sey) ‘kava bowl (constructed from seed pods, used for drinking intoxicating beverages), hand-sized’

swoasey ayll (n., SWO.a.sey a.YLL) ‘large social kava bowl’

tsyey (n.) ‘snack, light meal’

         Ke ’efu oe ohakx nìhawng; tam tsyey. listen
         ‘I’m not too hungry; a snack will do.’

tsyeytsyìp (n., TSYEY.tsyìp) ‘tiny bite’

nik (adj.) ‘convenient, usable without much expenditure of effort’

niktsyey (n., NIK.tsyey) ‘food wrap (food items wrapped in edible leaves and vines)’

merki (n., ‘ground rack (for smoking meats)’

ikut (n., I.kut) ‘large pestle (grinding tool); meal-mashing pole’

sämunge (n., sä.MU.nge) ‘transportation tool or device’

This is the general term (derived from munge ‘bring’) for any object used to carry or
transport something else. In compounds, the ä and e drop, yielding –smung.

syusmung (n., SYU.smung) ‘tray’

This is a compound of syuve + smung.

paysmung (n., PAY.smung) ‘water carrier’

Terms related to life and society

prrsmung (n., PRR.smung) ‘baby carrier’

nivi (n., ‘sleeping hammock (general term)’

swaynivi (n., ‘family hammock’

This is a compound of soaia (which contracts to sway) + nivi.

snonivi (n., ‘single-person hammock’

sänrr (n., sä.NRR) ‘light source; lamp’

tsmi (n.) ‘nectar’

tsmisnrr (n., TSMI.snrr) ‘bladder lantern, nectar lantern’

More such terms next time. Hayalovay!

Txantsan!! :D

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Re: Aylì’fyavi Lereyfya 1 — Cultural Terms 1
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2015, 11:16:24 am »
Based on the contents of this post and what we know about the upcoming sequel, I'll bet Nawma Karyu Pawl is definitely working on the next film. ;)
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