Hì’ia vur a teri mefalukantsyìp A little story about two cats

Started by Toliman, August 21, 2020, 08:15:47 AM

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Hì'ia vur a teri mefalukantsyìp    A little story about two cats
Posted on August 20, 2020 by Pawl

Kaltxì, ma frapo!

It's my pleasure to present to you a little story, written by our Tsm. Tsyili, about two cats—but not just any two cats: our two beloved kitties, Palu and Lukan! John and I have had them—or they've had us—for almost five years, since they were tiny. They're Snowshoe Siamese, brother and sister from the same litter. Lukan, the male (on the right in the photo), is big, brave, and boisterous. His sister Palu is smaller and bit on the shy side, although she's come a long way. We think they're both gorgeous.

Tsyili's charming story is short and simple, the kind that even beginners with only a few months of Na'vi should be able to grasp without too much difficulty.

Before you listen, you might want to refresh your memory on these words, listed in alphabetical order:

   laro si
   tìng tseng
   uvan si

There's also a new vocabulary item you need to know:

pxul (adj.) 'formidable, imposing'


tìpxul (n., tì.PXUL) 'formidableness, imposingness' (two rare and awkward words in English!)

nìpxul (adv., nì.PXUL) 'formidably, imposingly'

Unlike nawm 'great, noble,' pxul can refer to things either good or bad, as long they're treated seriously and not taken lightly.

   Fìsäwemìri zene awnga kawl häpivawl. Lu Sawtute aywätu apxul.
   'We must prepare diligently for this fight. The Skypeople are formidable opponents.'

säwem (n., sä.WEM) 'fight'

You'll hear three voices in the recording, those of Tsyili, Tirea Aean, and Pawl.

And here's a delightful illustration, also by Tsyili:

Mawkrra ngal vurit yolune, fìtìpawmìri rutxe 'iveyng: Tsaswirä apxul lu peu? 😊