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Way Tiretuä—The Shaman’s Song
« on: July 02, 2017, 01:17:42 pm »
Way Tiretuä—The Shaman’s Song

Ma Eylan,

Over at, some folks took a stab at transcribing the Shaman’s Song that’s heard in Mo’ara.

Understanding sung lyrics isn’t easy. If you’re like me, you’ve often had to look up the lyrics to songs you find on the Internet, even if they’re in your own language, since it can be hard to make out what the singer is saying. (Most singers, I think, concentrate more on singing beautifully than on enunciating the words clearly.) And of course there’s a whole cottage industry of “Misheard Lyrics,” which can be pretty hilarious. (My all-time favorite is this one*. For me, this song will always be, “Have You Ever Seen Lorraine?”) Given all that, I think the transcribers did a great job!

For the record, here are the actual lyrics. (I have several versions on my computer; I believe this is the final one that’s used in the park.) They go all the way back to 2015; you can see how much advanced planning goes into a huge undertaking like the Disney theme park! Keep in mind that this is poetry, and somewhat mysterious poetry at that. Poetical syntax doesn’t always follow the exact same rules as ordinary spoken language.


Ma Na’rìng alor,                                O beautiful forest,

Mì Na’rìng lu tsngawpay.               There are tears in the forest.

Atokirina’.                                             Woodsprite(s).

Awnga leym, lereym san                 We cry out, calling,

Ma Eywa (3X).                                      “O Eywa!” (3X)


’Awstengyawnem,                             Connected as one,

Ma Sa’nok aNawm.                           O Great Mother.

Atokirina’.                                            Woodsprite(s).

Awnga leym, lereym san               We cry out, calling,

Ma Eywa (3X).                                    “O Eywa!” (3X)


Tìnewfa leNa’vi,                                 By the People’s will,

Na’rìng tìng lawr.                              The forest is singing.

Atokirina’.                                             Woodsprite(s).

Awnga leym, lereym san                 We cry out, calling,

Ma Eywa (3X).                                      “O Eywa!” (3X)

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