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--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on July 16, 2013, 02:05:10 pm ---To write a big number, use this schema:
(prefix + zazam) + (prefix + vozam) + (prefix + zam) + prefix + vo(l) + suffix
Any parts in parentheses can be omitted.

--- End quote ---
Om grote nummers te schrijven, gebruik je dit schema:
(prefix + zazam) + (prefix + vozam) + (prefix + zam) + prefix + vo(l) + suffix
De gedeeltes tussen haken kunnen weggelaten worden.

I took the liberty to correct two typo's in the English as well, I hope this works for you.
By the way, we haven't yet settled on what to use as Dutch terms for pre-, in- and suffix because there is no translation for infix and the translations for prefix and suffix are (respectively) prefix/voorvoegsel and suffix/achtervoegsel.

Irayo ma eejmensenikbenhet!

The update concern that:

I added the LearnNa'vi colors. :)
I planned to add that example wit a bigger number, but it will 'destroy' the table and layout...

Irayo nìtxan ulte eywa ngahu!


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