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Avatar 2 delayed

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Toruk Makto:
This just in...

:( Yewla!

Tse, one year more to study Na'vi. :) ;)
As Cameron is a perfectionist, he is trying to make the sequells as perfect as possible, and this is also a way to keep the sequel's quality on a high level. I'm positive. :)

That's sad, but the movies are not made quickly and the delay will allow Cameron to make a better movie.

Na'vin Nos'feratxu:
Wiya  :(

I just read about this in yahoo news. Very sad only....
A whole year just tacked on. 365 more days... of waiting. Yes we all know it will be great, and well made.
But 8 years later after the original movie? 2920 days we will have to wait for the sequel.

I was excited when we hit 2015, I thought about how we are getting so close. But another year thrown on... Dangit.
The hype from the first movie has gone from a giant bonfire to a mere candle as the time has passed.

James... you had better not forget the Game world too. We could use a new Avatar game, but don't release it before the new movie. That was awful.


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