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Cirque du Soleil: TORUK - The First Flight

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Kiyevame Ikran:
Looks beautiful and interesting

Sarah Noel:
Has anyone transcribed/translated their youtube trailer yet? From my limited knowledge the Na'vi sounded pretty legitimate.

Eana Unil:
I only understood fragments of it... Oe(l)... tsaheyl si... (sì eana?) hapxìri (hapxì a rey?)... a krr... tsam... mokrit ... lìm... nìwotx... ayngaru tsavurit...  :-\ Maybe kurakx... and tsam sounds more like tstam or stam, but those words don't exist ??? Maybe stamo (from sto)? Or most likely stawm mokrit... stawm oel aymokrit...
I tried to write it down while listening to it several times, but it's too fast for me ^^ And, at least for me, it's pronouned not clearly enough...

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Here is what I have gotten so far. This is very challenging stuff to decipher (at least for me):

Oe lu a nuä ayʼiʼa syena hapxì rey
Tsaheyl si hu Eywa krr
Stawm oel a mokrit fizayu wayl lim
Kurakx a (3 words) wä feʼ nìwotx
Ayngaru tsavuri (The final /i/ makes little sense)

This appears to be a touring show, and seems to be booked mainly for the US east and Canada. I kind of wish this would be a show that was anchored in Las Vegas, but I guess they have too many Cirque shows there already.

Stranger Come Knocking:
I wonder if Karyu himself provided the opening or if someone actually learned (or attempted to learn) it or if they just scoured the dictionary to piece cool words together?  Personally, the first two seem most likely for such a prestigious group, but you never know.


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