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Started by Alan, August 03, 2017, 02:14:08 PM

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Kaltxì ma frapo,
With the filming of the Avatar sequels due to start in September, how would you like to get involved in sending a video message to James Cameron, his cast and crew to let them know we are still here and wishing them well?
Here's the idea:  We all answer the same three simple questions in our own way that tells them how much Avatar means to us followed by something we would like to say to everyone involved in making the sequels.  Throw in a couple of well known Na'vi phrases and edit it together into a collective Avatar fan message to everyone at Lightstorm.
Intrigued? Would you like find out how to get involved?  Then follow the link to:
There is an introduction, information on what you need to do, filming tips and how to upload your footage.  There is also a page of two previous fan films that were made seven years ago!
If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Please have your submissions in by the end of Sunday 13th August 2017. Let's send them a message!


We are beginning to get contributions in for our message to James Cameron, his cast and crew as they embark of the filming of the sequels to Avatar.

If you would like to take the opportunity to send them a message now is the time.  Visit the website in the post above to find out more or get in touch with me if you have any questions or queries.



Oel ngamop 'upxareti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Txo, oe tsun tsakem si, frapo tsun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  :toruk:

Rotobull cz

The idea of yours is excellent.  :) If I won't be kept too busy these days and if I'll overcome a few complications of a, say, technical character, I will make a message as well. :)
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Quote from: Rotobull cz on August 10, 2017, 04:45:09 PM
The idea of yours is excellent.  :) If I won't be kept too busy these days and if I'll overcome a few complications of a, say, technical character, I will make a message as well. :)

Irayo ma tsmuk  :)  Would love you to take part.  After all the support the community has received from Lightstorm over the years, this would be a wonderful way to offer support back to them from us fans.  It is the least we could do.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



With filming now under way for the next Avatar films, here is the message that some of us sent to the film makers to wish them well on their journey back to Pandora:



Can You add english subtitles for this video?
Auto-generated works fine, except for part nìna'vi ;D
Any errors in spelling, tact or fact are transmission errors.

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I'll see what I can do, but a bit busy at the moment with AvatarMeet.  Do remind me though.



Pasha, an Avatar story, my most recent fanfic, Avatar related, now complete.

The Dragon Affair my last fanfic, non Avatar related.



It is interesting to me to see across the board so many people resonating with the film in the Autisum spectrum being from there myself, I certainly can relate upon the life changing experiences I personally went through in core recognition to the films source reflective elements giving internal value to place of ones heartfelt knowledge and the forum community's as a new place of expression I simply did not have before,, the huge path of discovery it opened up in chasing down the sources of the films rather authentic refelctions in relation to our own past and present history and the deep internal questions and actions of self reflection this brought about that's much harder to express,, Avatar's reflections upon how we "see" the world and our circle of relations within it and how come to see each others source common roots come from very down to earth sources and the powerful angle of Mirror story telling to bring these issues to light brings enormous respect to the work of all the Artists and storytellers in the Lightstorm creative community as a whole. thank you for all your work Irayo..