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Started by Toruk Makto, August 12, 2015, 11:05:54 PM

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Toruk Makto

 After how many years (?), We have a new header image on the main website.  Lightstorm was kind enough to send a decent resolution frame of Jake getting smacked because he couldn't say nari properly.  ;)

Incidentally, stay tuned for a lot of great images from LEI on Pinterest as part of their online Avatar portfolio that is in the works.


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Wonderful! Looks great!

Great to see that they are still greatly involved with the community and support us! I'm still amazed :)


Txantsan nìtxan! :D

I really like the new header image version. :D

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Tsarel lu txantsan nìtxan nang!  :D

That much better resolution! I like it. :)
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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

If anything, they seem to be more involved than ever!

Yawey ngahu!
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