LEP Committee: Call for Volunteers

Started by Tìtstewan, June 23, 2023, 05:45:19 PM

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LEP Committee: Call for Volunteers

You might know that many years ago, the LEP (Language Expansion Project) was founded to anonymously collect proposals for new words. Suitable proposals would then be sent to Karyu Pawl, who would decide which of these words would officially get added to the language. Unfortunately this project was halted around 2016 due to inactivity. There were not enough proposals anymore and more importantly, not enough community members to do the work of collecting them and sending them off. In collaboration with [LN / Kelutral], we now want to restart the LEP and to get started we first need to put together a committee of volunteers. And this is where we ask for your help! Please consider volunteering for a committee position if the following applies to you:

  • You are interested to work together with others to expand the Na'vi language.
  • You have at least intermediate Na'vi skills. Most importantly you need to know the syllable rules to be able to judge if proposed words are actually possible in Na'vi, and you need a rough overview of the dictionary so that you can judge if existing words already cover the proposed words. You definitely do not need to be an expert!
  • You have some time to comment on the proposals and to discuss them with the other committee members.
  • You are okay with not being credited for this work. After all, the point of the LEP is to collect proposals anonymously to avoid any legal problems for Karyu Pawl, Lightstorm, or Disney (imagine someone suing Disney saying "my proposed word was used in Avatar 3 so now I want to be paid royalties").

To apply, send a message to @Tìtstewan or @Tirea Aean before 30 June 2023. Irayo nìli!

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