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Started by Tìtstewan, February 21, 2024, 04:50:54 AM

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Kaltxì, ma smuk!
Our member @Tekre is looking for some help, so check out her message:

Quote from: TekreKxì!

I'm writing my bachelor's thesis this semester, and since I'm writing about the Na'vi language, specifically, about the influence of a speaker's native language on their usage of Na'vi, I'll need some participants :D

What precisely do I need?
  • Per participant, I'm aiming for ~15-30 minutes of audio recordings of natural speech
    • either already existing audios, or we have some calls to record conversations together (in which case of course it should be on the longer side, as I want enough audio of you speaking)
Who can participate?
  • Anyone who can speak Na'vi on any level and has spoken Na'vi before (this should not be your first attempt of speaking hrh)
  • Your speaking can be slow, you can use the dictionary, you can make mistakes - comparing beginners with more advanced speakers actually will be part of the thesis!
  • The precise format will depend on your level
  • Also sign up if you already have recordings of yourself speaking Na'vi freely, and would allow me to use it.
After you signed up, what will happen?
Since my specific thesis topic is highly dependent on what native languages you guys have, I'll see who signs up and then try to make a selection of participants that helps me to cover some interesting topics. This may take a few weeks as I'll have to do research on your native languages (and also have other university stuff to do hrh). You'll hear back from me in a few weeks if I would like to include you in my thesis, and if yes we will then proceed to plan what format would be most comfortable for you to get the required data.
What do you get out of this?
  • I have no funding, so no money unfortunately
  • A free 1on1 speaking practice session + a Na'vi proficiency test as I'll need to determine your level if I don't know it already ;D
Where do I sign up?

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