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Started by Payoang, September 08, 2010, 11:32:39 AM

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Ayohel ayngengati kamuye, frapoya, ulte ayoheru fmawn luyu! *

Our great Karyu Pawl is going to volunteer his time for a

Na'vi Language Workshop

to happen this year the first weekend in October! This workshop will allow us to work with him, in person, for a few days to better understand and flesh out some aspects of the language.

The history: a while back, Karyu Pawl expressed interest in getting some of the most advanced Na'vi speakers in one place for a workshop to discuss and learn more about the language. This workshop would allow us to work with Dr. Frommer over the course of a couple days to learn the language more completely, identify points that need to be expanded, and address some of the prominent outstanding questions about the language. This knowledge would be documented by the attendees of the workshop and brought back to the community for the benefit of everyone. Essentially, this is a "teach the teachers" workshop.

The event will take place in California at a member's private residence over the course of October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We'll have roughly 15 members coming from all across America and even overseas. Additionally, a phone conference line will be set up for a couple of hours during one of the days so some of our more linguistically engaged members overseas who couldn't travel could participate for one of the days of the workshop. Karyu Pawl is very excited for this as I hope we all can be. His willingness to travel several hundred miles for this meeting at his own expense is a good indication of Karyu Pawl's commitment to this language and this community and we can't thank him enough.

Now, unfortunately, we have some bad news regarding the workshop but we want to stress this to avoid any hurt feelings.

At Dr. Frommer's request and for the sheer logistics of the workshop we had to limit the number of people who could attend. Given the scope of our community we had a hard choice on how to come up with a fair way by which we could decide who should be invited as well as whether the planning should be public or not and how the event should be coordinated and announced.

The moderators of the website decided that the fairest system would be a panel composed of several founding members of the website that would nominate potential members to be included. We nominated the members who were either the most active in the language and forums or who we felt were the most advanced with the language and would benefit the most from this workshop. Once ordered, we messaged the members and asked if they were interested and able to commit the time and to travel to the workshop. If a member declined then they were given the chance to nominate someone in their place or the next person in line was then asked, and so on until all the spots were filled.

Now, we understand that there may be some hurt feelings for those who were not invited. Ayoheru txoa livuyu. We deeply apologize. Limiting the number of participants for this particular meeting was at Paul's request and simply based on the practicality of accommodating the group at the available venue. We would have loved to have everyone who wanted to come be able to join us but that simply is not feasible this time. This is not intended to be a purely social event. The idea here is to teach the teachers in our community and the original planners coordinated carefully with Karyu Pawl about his ideas on how to approach that goal.

However, if you still feel some injustice has been done to the community, please contact me or one of our administrators in private. Keep in mind, this is unlikely to be the only time Karyu Pawl meets with members of the community. We fully intend to try to continue to work with him so that in the future there will be more broadly open opportunities for our members to meet with him in person.

Do not worry though, there will be pictures, updates, videos, and more from this event. Everyone who is a part of our great community will have the chance to learn from the results of the meeting and thereby benefit greatly. We can't give enough thanks to Karyu Pawl for donating his valuable time for this workshop, nor to the organizers of the workshop, to the administrators of LearnNa', and to you, the members of LearnNa'; without whom this could have never happened nor could this language have attained such success.

Your constructive comments and questions are welcome here below, and if you have Na'vi language-specific topics that you still feel need answers, please make sure that they are captured in the Language Updates section in Combining our Efforts II. Please read through all of the posted themes and questions before adding more. Your question may already be slated in the mix. Approximately 10 days from now we (ALL OF US in the community) will be voting on which are the most important to the language overall to help Karyu Pawl prioritize how he handles getting them addressed.

In closing, thank you to everyone at LearnNa', everyone who is learning Na'vi or has shown support for us, and especially to Dr. Paul Frommer and James Cameron, without whom this great language and great movie could never have even existed.

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TXANTSAN! Txantsan nìwotx, I'm glad this is finally getting announced, it seems a little bit late but whatever. I look forward to everything that will come from this and I hope many, many more events like this occur. :D

'Ivong Na'vi!

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layeiu txantsana krr tìnusumeyä fpi awngaru nìwotx.

mllte hu Ftiafpi ;)


Nì'i'a! Txantsan nìngay! ;D

I'm very excited about this and am looking forward to the things that will be achieved through this!

'Ivong Na'vi


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ayoel kin nì'ul aylì'ut a ral lu txantsan :P

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Good luck to those who attend and I hope that we will all, in the long run, benefit :)

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This is just f**king awesome!!!

Good luck for the attenders!

Irayo, Karyu Pawl!


Any chance we could broadcast this over Tirea Radio? 

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Kalina fìsyuve'u livu tìngay! *


Two words: W00t nìtxan!

Good luck to everyone that gets to go and meet Karyu Pawl! Hopefully you guys come up with awesome plans for the future. (I know you will!)



Woeiu fì'u!  I can't wait to see what all the members of the community come up with to take to the meeting with Karyu Pawl =D  ::does happy dance::  This is exciting; very exciting only =P 
eo Eywa oe 'ia

Fra'uri tìyawnur oe täpivìng nìwotx...

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Quote from: tigermind on September 08, 2010, 04:05:29 PM
Woeiu fì'u!  I can't wait to see what all the members of the community come up with to take to the meeting with Karyu Pawl =D  ::does happy dance::  This is exciting; very exciting only =P 

Weiaw ;D ulte TEYWTIII ;D ;D

Oe ke tsun pivey kivame sute a kivä.  Sìltsan lu, ayngaya ;)

...and a nice twist to a Neytiri quote, there ;D


Srake serar le'Ìnglìsìa lì'fyayä aylì'ut?  Nari si älofoniru rutxe!!


Quote from: Seze on September 08, 2010, 01:18:43 PM
Any chance we could broadcast this over Tirea Radio? 
Not likely due to the fact that there will be extremely limited internet bandwidth at the location of the workshop.

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Quote from: Ftiafpi on September 08, 2010, 04:13:49 PM
Quote from: Seze on September 08, 2010, 01:18:43 PM
Any chance we could broadcast this over Tirea Radio? 
Not likely due to the fact that there will be extremely limited internet bandwidth at the location of the workshop.

Hmm... I don't think I would need very much bandwidth at all, just enough to get an audio stream up to my server, which would then broadcast out to everyone.  I've had success in the past using a very slow DSL connection (~0.3mbps upstream)

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Kaltxi, Olo'numeyu LeNa'viyä eylan!*

 Unfortunately, there will be no internet access at all from location during the workshop due to the needs of the concurrent conference call. This will prevent the possibility of any streaming media transmissions during this particular event. Slä txopu rä'ä si!* Recorded content from the workshop will be made available soon afterward on for the benefit of all of our friends!

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Cool and good luck to everyone who's going, you earned it. :) little dissapointed I wasn't asked but no biggy I understand the reasoning. After I graduate this school year I'll be able to be a lot more active in the community so hopefully next time.  :)
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Tengfya swizaw

Suppose I suddenly decide to get tons better at Na'vi, would there be any chance to go?

Joking, of course. It'll take me a while.

Here's to not knowing exactly what you're saying and having fun with it.

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This is great :D I'm glad he's willing to work with the community that much. I'm really happy for everyone who gets to go :D and you'd better tell us all the juicy details ;)