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New hardware funding drive!

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Toruk Makto:
Kaltxì, ma soaia!

  As we all know, it has been over seven years since LearnNavi was founded.  I've been pleased to be able to provide the networking and colocation infrastructure for our community for most of that time without having to resort to advertising or pleading for donations. Our current server's cost was largely covered by our generous lì'fya leNa'vi.

  But...  No hardware, no matter how well-built, lasts forever.  :)

  The existing server is nearing 5 years old and plans for a replacement are in the works. The new server will have greater capabilities as well as the advantage of a new period of manufacturer support (the current hardware has reached End of Life from Tyan).  We want to continue with a reliable and robust Kelutral for LearnNavi to support the expected inrush of new friends and visitors with all of the new Avatar-related announcements as well as the approach the opening of Disney's 'Pandora - The World of Avatar'. And of course, the upcoming Avatar sequels!

  We'll be able to use the existing drive array and controller to offset some of the price tag.  Although the server and memory will be new, the CPUs are being priced refurbished. The expected cost of the new server will be around $3000.00.  The planned configuration is a SuperMicro AS-1022G-URF 1U server, with dual power supplies, dual AMD Opteron 6378 16-core processors and 128GB of DDR3-1600 ECC server memory.  The old box will be refitted with mirrored hard drives, placed in a geo-diverse colocation facility and synced as a hot standby that we can use in case of problems with the primary server.

  In order to make all this this possible, is conducting a donation drive for our Kelutral. There is a donation button here on the forum near the top of each page.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Current attainment: COMPLETE

So fast? How, you ask?  Click below:

  - Mark Miller ( Administrator)

Eana Unil:
I'll be happy to contribute :)

I can make a sigbar advertisement so that everyone receives the news. :)


--- Quote from: Eana Unil on January 03, 2017, 01:16:08 pm ---I'll be happy to contribute :)

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This :)


--- Quote from: Eana Unil on January 03, 2017, 01:16:08 pm ---I'll be happy to contribute :)
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