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Paul Frommer's talk to the Harvard Undergraduate Linguistics Society (Nov 2020)

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One side-benefit of doing meetings and lectures online during Current Events is that they can be recorded.


He's talking to linguistics students, so there's more unexplained jargon. Much of this will be familiar to us, but it's a very nice presentation in a clean format giving the state of things historically.

Txantsan ulte eltur tìtxen si :) Thanks for sharing!

Irayo for sharing!

 :D  :D

So, regarding the Na'vi text on the first slide. I have never seen that particular text before, and it seems to be some kind of recipe (I'm calling it Pawl's Mystery Recipe for now hrh). Here's the text (added some newlines for ease of reading):

Nìhay, tsakrr a mehapxì letsngan sì lefkxen alu kllta tsayrum a'awve alaksi nìtam lu, zene yivem fnepayoti. Ngian, fìfnepayri ke tsun fko stivarsìm payfyata fu 'orata nìtrrtrr nìfya a fa fwa starsìm nì'aw, kop frau set hasey lolu nìftue. Kehehe... Zene tsat hivawl nìpxi sre fwa sngä'i 'ivem sngä'ikrr fìfnewutsoti. Tsari zene krrnivekx fpi sìhawl nìteng.

Hufwa fìhapxì ke lu pay a payfyata nìyey, tsafnepay letrrtrr lu hapxì lekxam. Slä, maw fwa starsìm payit, zene tsapaynemfa rivun srekrr mehapxìt a kop tsranten nìtxan... Set, txe'lanit hivawl fte tsivun maweypivey hìkrr... Fìmefnehapxìri ke leru melì'u leNa'vi vay set fte tsivun tivìng nìtstxo, ha zene fko tivìng mevurit ayol fte ralri tsivun ivomum. Alaksi nìmun?...

Tsahapxìri a'awve sar fkol stum frakrr luke fwa fpìl 'Rrtamì.

Spoiler: Tentative translationNext, when the two parts, meat and vegetables [1], [ alu kllta tsayrum a'awve -- "which are the first balls from the ground" ?? ] are prepared well enough, you have to put in some sort of liquid. However, this kind of liquid one cannot collect from a river or a lake, the ordinary way, the way by only collecting and also everything was easily done. Nonono... You have to specially prepare it before you start cooking the beginning of this kind of meal. And for that too, you have to spend a lot of time to prepare.

Although this part isn't just water from a river, that type of ordinary water is a part of it [2]. But, after collecting the water, you have to first find in that water two parts that are also really important... Now, prepare yourselves to be able to be patient for a bit... For these two kinds of parts there are no Na'vi words yet, to be able to give them to you by name [3], so one needs to give two short stories so that you can know the meaning. Ready again?

That first part is used almost all the time on Earth without thinking about it.

Vocabulary guesses:
[1] letsngan and lefkxen: "meat-ish and vegetable-ish"
[2] lekxam: "that's in the middle of it", "that's contained in it"
[3] nìtstxo: "by (telling you) its name"

Anyone seen this text before? Or any idea what this recipe is for?

I might be wrong, but I feel I have seen/read this before. Any chance, this is Prrton’s creation from back of the days? Unfortunately, the site is no longer available so I can’t check but I remember that he had a blog post with some kind of recipe at one point …


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