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Just a little poem from me - for you ma frapo

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´eveng te atan:
Kaltxì ma frapo.

Pamrel soli oe fìway ahì'i

ta 'eveng te atan.

Translations in german and englisch and the Na'vi spoken poem you can download from the website.

Engoy XD

Thanks for posting of it again.
As I wrote before outage, it's great work!

I give you +1 again, seems that one which I already gave you, disappeared during outage too XD

´eveng te atan:
Irayo nìtxan ma Toliman.

Kea tìkin :)

Eana Unil:
Nìmun new pivlltxe san txantsana vurway, ma 'eylan. Zawprrte' oene nìtxan ;)


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