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Vur amip a fko syaw san Reypaytuna syulang sìk [Radio play]


´eveng te atan:
Kaltxì ma frapo a new nivume li'fya leNa'vi

I just want to share our latest radio play, we made for the meeting in 2018 in Cologne with you.
This is the new "studio" version which we recorded completely new and as a special gift, we got Prrton and karyu Pawl as storyteller in english and Na'vi. I think, it´s little premiere, because this might be the first Na'vi nì'aw radio play.

Reypaytuna syulang
In this radio play there are no human. Te story is playing anytime before te human came to Pandora.

But.... Let yourself be surprised... :D

The radio play was translated completely to Na'vi, so that you will hear all roles in these language.
Only the storytellers we recorded in german (spoken by Sey'syu), english (spoken by Prrton) and, of course, Na'vi (spoken by karyu Pawl).

We all thank our helpers for doing a very great work!

If you want to know who is speaking which role, just view the cedits.

Here are the links:

Reypaytuna syulang - German
Reypaytuna syulang - English
Reypaytuna syulang - Na'vi

Parts of the storyteller (original)

Outtakes (german)

If you want to have a little bit more fun, just watch the outtake video :D

Paul asked me to publish his solo text on his blog and so I created the short solo video which contains only his voice.
He spoke a little bit slower as you will hear in the radaio play, so we all can understand him better.

For all videos are subtitles in english, german, dutch and - of couse - Na'vi available.

Livu ayngaru tìprrte' nìtxan.

ta 'eveng te atan

Tsaw lu kosman nìwotx :D :D

Irayo for sharing!

Tsaw lu txantsan! Irayo nìtxan! I'll learn Na'vi! :D


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