A Great Leonopteryx on the Earth

Started by Syatikrel, January 16, 2023, 06:56:12 PM

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Srake txo 'rrta-ti toruk-ìl tok tsakrr toruk ke tsun tsw<iv>ayon?

Syatikrel [sja.ˈtik̚.ɾɛl] (Lì'fya leNa'vi Nä'rìngä)/Shatikrel [ʃa.ˈtik̚.ɾɛl] (Lì'fya leNa'vi Wione)
SatIqrel [ʂɑ.tʰɪqʰ.ˈrɛl] (tlhIngan Hol)
Shatikrel [ʃə.ˈt̪i.kɾ̥ɛl̪]
Oel teyra tawsìpit aean ke txula set slä tsun hìkrrmaw fu maw krr atxan.

Tìng oeru tstxot Misal ulte syaw oeru Satibabbi.


I am not really sure what's your attempt to say. :-\

Based on the Na'vi sentence, I'd suggest:

Txo toruk ke tsun tsivayon tsakrr po zup ne kllte srak?
If the Great Leonopteryx can't fly then will he fall to the ground?


Zup ne kllte Toruk a ke tsun tsivayon srak?
Does the Great Leonopteryx that can't fly, fall to the ground?

And this based on your english text:

Srake toruk zup ne 'Rrta?
Does a Great Leonopteryx fall on Earth?

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Blue Elf

Quote from: teyra tawsìp aean on January 16, 2023, 06:56:12 PMSrake txo 'rrta-ti toruk-ìl tok tsakrr toruk ke tsun tsw<iv>ayon?
To me this sentrence appears correct and well understandable - it translates like: Is it true that if toruk appears on/occupies Earth, it can't fly? I'd write it in different way, but perfect!

Some nitpicking: 'Rrta is written with big R at the beginning, I'd delete toruk after tsakrr (he was already mentioned, so repeating is not needed, we know we speak about him), and AFAIR, in verb connected with txo we need to use <iv> infix (but I'm not completely sure here).

What Tìstewan proposed are variations of spoiler. Although spoiler sentence is somewhat ambiguous - it can mean, that toruk, which is on Earth, fall down to ground - or possibly - toruk will fall on planet Earth  ;D First meaning is probably what you meant.
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