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first shot at a solo translation


just like it says... :D this is my first shot at translating things on my own with the only help I got being from my Na'vi app off of this site. I hope I'm not too far off. :-[

I'm trying to translate this song piece by piece:   starting with the title. but I think I have found two ways to write it:

Oe ra'a plltxe Tawtute
Oe kem si ke plltxe Tawtute

(it's supposed to read as close to the title as possible. "I don't speak Human")
(I don't have the ability to write special characters...so this is the best I can do for now...sorry if it causes any confusion :-\)

Kaltxì ma Lunarria,

great that you try! Translating something is a great way to practice and get familiar with the vocabulary! So kudos for trying and that you show us your results.

To say in Na’vi that something is ‘not’ we use ke. rä’ä is only used in commands.

So, Oel ke plltxe lì’fyat Tawtuteyä would be ‘I don’t speak the language of the Skypeople’. I’m a bit hesitant to use tawtute as the term of the language … but since it can also be done with Na’vi, I think there is precidence for it.

Ke tsun oe pivlltxe nìTawtute
‘I can’t speak in a Skypeople fashion’

I’m sure there are other ways as well ;)

BTW, if you look above the field where you enter your post there are buttons for ä and ì above the smiley line ;)

Irayo! I'm still very nervous about using this language...it's tricky. I will continue to work on the different forms as I go and I will try to post more of the song as I finish with it.

Blue Elf:
Ok, waiting impatiently :) I looked at the beginning of the song and although there are some missing words, IMHO it is possible to translate it, with some creativity. Good luck!

I agree with Plumps.


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