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Ok, so here is the rest of what I have:

Looks like...
there are lots of kinds..
within the breads...

"Let me in!"

Show himself with rage.

Peels the burnt parts.

"Just if I take these off..."


"Why didn't the breadmaker cook me well...?"

Fast forgiving.

"Oh well."

lam "............"
pxay "fnebread"

"tung oe mì"

oeri steyki wìntxu

fakrut ayhapxì a n<ol>ekx

txo nì’aw oe fay ’aku


"Lumpe breadmaker-il oet ke 'em sìltsan?"

Fast forgiving

"Oh well."


A day of a Kogepan.


Sleeps sometimes.

...changes sides.

A little excersice.

Resigns to the Bread People.

"Because I'm a Kogepan.."

But sooooometimes, looks straight.


Trr a Kogepan


Hahaw sometimes

latem aypa’o

A little excersice.

Resigns to the ayBreadtute.

"Talun Oe lu Kogepan.."

slä sooooometomes, tìng nari sre


still many words I can't find

Blue Elf:

--- Quote ---still many words I can't find
--- End quote ---
Well - you must express them by existing words :) Usually you need rephrase sentences and not translate words, but meaning (not always easy, I know)

My version of first part:
Lam fwa fkeytok pxaya fnetsyosyu (seems that many kinds of food made from flour exist)

"tung oeru fte ftivem" (allow me to pass by. I don't know context, but I expect he asks to go in)

Pol wìntxu tìstit (He shows anger)

Yur ayhapxìt anawnekx (a-n<awn>ekx - wash burnt parts) What you meant by fakrut?

"txo nì’aw oel ’aku fayut neto..." (only if I remove these things out...)

Dramatic - no idea....

"Lumpe 'emyu ke 'olem oeti nìltsan?"  (why cooker didn't cook me well?  sìltsan is adjective, we need adverb here. Also I used '<ol>em to show finished action)

Terìng txoat nìwin (Giving forgiveness quickly)

"Tam" (ok)

Blue Elf:
And second part:

Trr Kogepanä (Day of Kogepan. For possesion we have genitive)


Hahaw krro krro (sleep occasionaly)

leykatem mefa’ot (causes to change sides. <eyk> is needed as latem is intransitive (something changes on its own). I expect sides are only two, so i used dual instead of plural, and me+ causes lenition (ay+ does the same  :)))

Hì'ia tskxekeng (small exercise/training)

Resigns to the ayBreadtute. - no idea...

"Talun Oe lu Kogepan.."

slä krro krro, lam nìltsan (but sometimes appears well)

--tì’i’a-- ('i'a is verb, not noun)


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