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My first short story in Na'vi

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Sure! I would gladly do make a revised Na'vi video if you mean me haha

Blue Elf:
Ok, here's my corrected version:

Mì oeyä unil oe karmä ka atxkxe ne na'rìng. Na’rìng swotu lu, na’rìng a tìreyit nga'. Oe tìran mì tìfnu krr a tsole'a atanit aean. Fì'u lu sìltsana aungia aswok. Tsakrr oel tsole'a tsamsiyut. Poe sevin lu. Poltxe poe san Nari si! Aysawtutel Na’viti 'ayeko. Na'vi zene hivawnu Na'viti sìk. Mawkrra poe kolä neto ulte oe txen slu.
Slä oel ke omum ralit unilä oeyä...

--- Quote from: English ---Dream
In my dream I went through the land to the forest. The forest was a sacred place, the forest which contains life.  I walked in silence when I saw a blue light. Good and sacred was this omen. Then I saw a warrior. She was beautiful. She said: "Be careful! The sky people will attack the Na'vi. The Na'vi must protect the Na'vi."  Then she went away and I awakened.
But I do not understand the meaning of my dream...

--- End quote ---

hahaha i will have fun with this now it is trickier


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