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My first short story in Na'vi

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Mì unilyä

Mì unilyä oe ka atxkxe ne na’rìng kolä.  Na’rìng swotu lu, na’rìng hu tìrey lolu.  Oe hu fnu tìran, krrpe ean atan tolse’a. Sìltsan-a sì swoka-a aungia lam lolu.  Tsakrr tsamsiyu oe tolse’a.  Poe sevin lolu.  “Nari si! Aysawtutel Na’viti ‘ayeko. Na’vil Na’viti hawnu zene.”    Poe pollltxe.  Tskarr poe neto kolä.  Tskarr…oe txolen.

Oe rä’ä omum pe umilyä ral lu…

Please correct me!

Nume fpi sänume:
Wow, that's gonna take me some time just to translate. Ive been at this for a couple and i only picked up a word or two, you've written a short story :P great job!

sorry, forgot to add the intended translation:
In my dreamI went through the land to the forest.  The forest was a sacred place, the forest was with life.  I walked with silence when I saw a blue light.  Good and sacred was this omen.  Then I saw a warrior.  She was beautiful.  "Be careful!  The sky people will attack the Na'vi.  The Na'vi must protect the Na'vi."  She said.  Then she went away. Then...I awakened.

I do not understand the meaning of my dream...

Nume fpi sänume:
That helps. Seeing longer pieces like this and seeing the way words are put together seems to help me understand the language much more. Irayo!

well done! how long did this take you to compose?


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