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Yeah Na'vi numbers are kind of complicated. They use octal instead of decimal, because they only have 8 fingers. So 29 decimal (two tens and nine) becomes 35 octal (three eights and five). So Na'vi 29 is pxe(y)+vo(l)+mrr

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--- Quote from: Kawnu on May 16, 2017, 08:13:08 pm ---Ringo lopx alo apxevomrr trram. Mesrram is two days ago (me+trram). There sure is 29 in Na'vi, pxevomrr.

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--- Quote ---Not sure where you got pivol, but 30 is pxevopu.

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You probably mean puvol (60 octal) = 6 *8 = 48 dec. Pivol doesn't exist. 30 decimal is pxevofu. Consult this table to see how numbers are created.


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