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Ktxalì! Just posting my really random thoughts here niNa'vi. Please feel free to correct and explain corrections needed for these. ^^
Also: This is so I'm not constantly clogging up Discord server's Numtsengvi channel with really random stuff.

EDIT: Later Posts which contain thoughts I translated niNa'vi:
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Anywho, onto my thoughts!

Ayeylan alu famtseotu lu 'o'!

Eana nikre lu Mikur!

Ean nìvawm nikre lu Kaitor!

Oe velke lu!

Tsa-hey! Oel ke kan’ìn fneuvanit syokxä!

Tung futa Kaito rol!

SpoilerTranslation of attempts to say and some explanations:

"Musician friends are fun!"

"Miku has blue/green hair!" (This one might sound familiar... However, I did notice that Miku's hair color depictions vary from leaf green to skin-blue... XD She has chameleon hair!)

"Kaito has Dark Blue hair!" (Sounds a bit redundant with the first, but trying to learn a bit about color word usage. XD)

"I am chaotic!"

"Dang it! I am distracted by a hand game!" (This one might be a tad too tricky for me to do right, as I'm still a beginner... RIP)

"Let Kaito Sing!" (Have you ever been frustrated with the fact that, out of all the Crypton Vocaloids, Kaito and Meiko NEVER get enough screen time in SEGA's games? This is me voicing that."

No problem at all.  It’s good to see life breathed back into this section ;)

First of all, kaltxì ulte zola’u nìprrte’ lì’fyaolo’ne ayoeyä  :)

--- Quote from: FadeSolWeeks on May 12, 2017, 07:25:26 pm ---Lepamsetoa ay'elan lu tì'o'!
--- End quote ---

If you use lu, think of it as an equal sign (=). If you do this and use two nouns, noun1 = noun2. Both ’eylan and tì’o’ are the nouns “the friend” and “the fun”. So if this is your intended meaning, you’re almost good to go ;) If you want to say “they bring enjoyment” it’s better just to use the adjective of “fun” ’o’

Usually le- words are not productive, but I think the meaning gets clear here, lepamtseo, “having to do with music”.

To turn ’eylan into the plural you use ay+, you got that right. This syllable causes a sound change in certain words called lenition. It makes the apostrophe (’) disappear. So it’s ayeylan, “friends”.

So you get,

     Lepamtseoa ayeylan lu ’o’.

--- Quote from: FadeSolWeeks on May 12, 2017, 07:25:26 pm ---Eana nikre lu Mikur!
--- End quote ---

Nothing to add here :)

--- Quote from: FadeSolWeeks on May 12, 2017, 07:25:26 pm ---Vawmeana nikre lu Kaitor!
--- End quote ---

We don’t yet know how to form colour shadings like “dark blue, light red” etc., but I could imagine that it could go this way. At least I understood what you wanted to say right away. :)

--- Quote from: FadeSolWeeks on May 12, 2017, 07:25:26 pm ---Oe avelke lu!
--- End quote ---

See above, my explanation of lu. If you leave it like this it has the same quality as if you said, “the big man is …” You’d ask yourself, “… is what?” It’s not a complete sentence. In short, you don’t need the a here on velke. Oe velke lu is totally fine.

--- Quote from: FadeSolWeeks on May 12, 2017, 07:25:26 pm ---Tsa-hey! Oeru kekan’ìn lisrefneuvan aletsyokx!
--- End quote ---

Not sure what you mean by “hand game”.

Just a general suggestion, don’t be too literal. I mean, don’t search for words in the dictionary and take the first word that you find ;) It’s tempting but that’s not how grammar works.

First, negation. You just put the word ke in front of the verb but they are not written together, ke kan’ìn is fine. Good way around “distracted” though :D that we don’t have right now. That’s very creative!

kan’ìn is a transitive verb, that means that it requires the ‘actors’ of the sentence to take on endings to make their roles clear. The doer gets an L, the one affected by the action gets a T.

     Oel ke kan’ìn fneuvanit (ay)syokxä.
     lit.: I am not focused on a kind of game of hands
     “I am distracted by a game of hands”

Lisre is an adposition that means “by” (in a time sense), i.e. “the report is due by Friday.”

I decided to go with the genitive (the -ä ending on tsyokx) because it’s grammatically safer ;) (see my note on le- words); tsyokx changes to syokx because auf ay+ and the sound change mentioned above.

--- Quote from: FadeSolWeeks on May 12, 2017, 07:25:26 pm ---Kaitor rol ko!
--- End quote ---

Literally this means, “let’s sing to Kaito” :D

If you mean “allow Kaito to sing” we have

     Tung futa Kaito rol.
     lit.: allow that Kaito sings


     Tung Kaitor futa rol.
     lit.: allow Kaito to sing

or (a bit more complex)

     Kaitoti reykol ko.
     lit.: let’s cause/make Kaito to sing

I hope that helped.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask :)

Blue Elf:
Seems Plumps was faster (damn! :)), so just few ideas:
- as said, you can't freely  use le- to create your own adjectives. But in your example you can avoid it with "alu":
* Lepamtseoa ayeylan lu ’o’ -> Ayeylan alu famtseotu lu 'o' => Friends, by other words musicians are amusing.
Famtseotu is plural of pamtseotu: ay+pamtseotu > ayfamtseotu > famtseotu. When ay+ prefix causes change of first letter of the attached word (so called lenition), ay+ is usually dropped.

- ean is blue/green. If you need to precisely distinguish these two, use ta'lengean for blue (blue/green as a skin - Na'vi has blue skin), or rìkean for green (blue/green as a leaf)

- for "dark blue" I'd try ean nìvawm - as this way we modify colors in my native tongue (and this construction was also proposed in language expansion project, although there was no reply to this proposal). Maybe safer way is ean sì vawm - dark and blue. No rule is given, so some creativity is allowed, I think :)

Ah, okay.
I'll write down what was discussed so far on the grammar here. ^^

Also: I might end up sporadically adding more thoughts... Or, at least link to the post where the next set of thoughts are. XD

EDIT: Adding a thought here...

Livu tstew ulte fpe' 'upxaret Empathur!

Tsa-hey! Tsatìrolìri alu Two Weeks, lumpe zene livu pxel way-a-plltxe!?

Spoiler(Translation of attempt of translating thought niNa'vi)
"Be brave, and send Empath a message!"

"Dang it! Why must that song (that of which "Two Weeks") be poetry-like!?"

Blue Elf:

--- Quote from: FadeSolWeeks on May 13, 2017, 11:13:54 am ---Oefpi livu tstew ulte oel roEmpath fpe' upxaret!

--- End quote ---
Correct way of saying this would be:
(Nga) livu tstew ulte fpe' 'upxaret Empathur.
You are saying this sentence to other person, so do not use oe, but nga (which could be even omitted in both parts of sentence). And person, to which you are giving/ sending / etc. something is put into dative (I send you message -> Oel fpe' ngaru 'upxaret)

--- Quote ---Tsa-hey! Lumpe tsasìrolìri alu Two Weeks zene pxelway-a-plltxe!?

--- End quote ---
Tsa-hey! Lumpe tsatìrol alu Two Weeks zene livu pxel way-a-plltxe!?
Here translation is straightforward. In your version you just forgotten to add lu - which required <iv> infix, as it is used with modal verb zene. If you want to use topical case, sentence should be  reorderd a little:
Tsa-hey! Tsatìrolìri alu Two Weeks, lumpe zene livu pxel way-a-plltxe!?
Topical is nearly always located at first position in sentence, and IMHO it is not necessary to use it here.

I'd would say, quite good attempt! Just do some more exercise and you become master early :)


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