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Some exercises in Na'vi?


Ta'em tskxe:

I was wondering if someone could post up a list of 10-20 sentences for me to translate as practice, taking into account the various areas of the Na'vi language?

I'll go away and translate and come back and have you all pick them to shreds. :)

Anyone able to help? :)


kewnya txamew'itan:
As you're translating them back, it's probably best if I don't mark inflections. Also, might this be better in intermediate?

oe ngaru perlltxeie nìna'vi
nga nìwin nerume
livu Na'viyä lu livu Eywayä
tawtutel ayoengru 'upxaret fpame
ayoengìl foru 'upxaret fpime
tseng ayoengyä lu
fori ke tsun mivunge fra'u a fo new
livu fu ke livu, futa tìpawm lu
Eywa ayftia'em eltu sìyi
Eywahu set poe leiu
aynantangel ayoet 'eko samängi
olo'eyktan ameyk nìltsan slä poan set kerusey längu
oeyä smukil teraron slä omängum futa 'awpo kerusey längu
Toruk makto kusin set ke leru

I hope that helps and I hope I haven't made any mistakes. Eywa ngahu.

This is kind of why we have the worksheets. To help you learn vocab. As well as the random examples and posts of sentences in Intermediate.

Ta'em tskxe:
Worksheets? wow we are super organised :)

I was sort of thinking of testing English -> Na'vi.
Its just hard to come up with challenging and comprehensive things to translate. :)

I'll move over to intermediate, if someone would like to move this topic then go for it.

kewnya txamew'itan:
sorry, I don't know where I got the idea that you wanted them in Na'vi from, my bad. I'll post some English ones up soon.


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