Practise statements

Started by Emi, January 23, 2018, 01:24:37 PM

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I've always struggled with all the types of -fixes, but I think I am starting to understand. Here are a few sentences with words I think I am familiar with now. [I welcome any corrections (with explanations if possible) if I have made mistakes!  :D ]

Ikran-ìl taron yerik-it.
Ikranìl taron yerikit.
The banshee hunts the hexapede.

Toruk-ìl t<ay>aron ikran-it fìtrr. Tafral ikran t<ay>erkup.
Torukìl tayaron ikranit fìtrr. Tafral ikran tayerkup.
The leonopteryx will hunt the banshee today. Therefore, the banshee will die.

Nga-l zeyko skxir-it.
Ngal zeyko skxirit.
You heal the wound.

Po-l f<er>ewi Tawtute-ti.
Pol ferewi tawtuteti.
He is chasing the human.


Seysonìltsan ma Nìwan Ikran. :D

Well done!

I can't see anything wrong with these ;)


Irayo ma Plumps!  ;D
This definitely helps boost my confidence in learning!