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I have WAY too many costumes to even think about making a thread for each one, so here's a general thread for them all!  Perhaps if I start on a new project y'all might be interested in I would but for now this will do.

So I'll just post a few of my favorites here!

Obviously you've seen my boyfriend and I's Avatar costumes. RIGHT?

Lady Gaga's VMA Performance Costume
I don't have any good photos of this costume yet!!! I really love this costume, but was only able to wear it for a few hours at a Halloween party last year thanks to feminine problems preventing me from wearing it else where. I've been planning to have a photoshoot but kept putting it off because of the winter and then the stress of our Avatar costumes. Now that's finally over with and it's nice and warm out I'm hoping we can get some good photos soon!
As you can tell the stomach hole was cut a bit too big (thanks, stretchy fabric!) so I'm constantly having to tug on it to keep it in place. But oh well!

Judge Claude Frollo from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
I made this costume for a massive Disney group that never happened. Most of the princesses were taken and I couldn't for the life of me figure out which princess was my favorite anyways (all my favorite princesses aren't actually disney). So why not do something completely different from what I normally cosplay? Frollo is my favorite villian from my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE Disney movie. Hunchback is such a beautiful story and so much more mature than the other movies. The first time I rewatched it (being older) I felt like I was watching an entirely different movie.
My best friend, Heather, was supposed to be my Esmeralda for A-kon just not too long ago. She didn't get her costume done in time though, and it didn't happen. So hopefully at AnimeFest (in september) we will finally get some photos together.

Chihiro from Spirited Away
Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service
Ah, miyazaki classics. The costumes are simple, but SO MUCH fun to wear. These were a few of my favorite movies growing up and I just love bringing that little part of my childhood back to life.  Chihiro, specifically, is so comfortable!  This particular costume made me realize how nice it is to have something comfy.  When I'm fed up with my heels, wigs, etc I can throw this on and still have fun cosplaying!

Princess Anneliese from Barbie Princess and the Pauper
This was my first complicated costume to make myself. Such a learning experience and I think it turned out pretty great!  It's a difficult costume to get into thanks to the layers of petticoats and the hoopskirt.  No one recognized who I was aside from children, but it was great regardless. (Everyone thought I was supposed to be Princess Peach).  I truly felt like a real princess in this!
I'm hoping to bring this costume back out for a photoshoot sometime soon.

Decora, Japanese Street Fashion, Fruits, Harajuku girl, whatever you want to call it. I love all the layers of clothing and accessories, SO CUTE. And I got to make it my favorite colors. It was a lot of fun especially when I got my friend Heather to join me! <3

Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibi Usa (artbook image)
Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibi Usa (school uniform)
Chibi Usa (Christmas)
Princess Small Lady Serenity
In case you can't tell, Chibi Usa is my favorite character ever. Sailor Moon has ALWAYS been my favorite. I've done many different versions of her and I'm sure more will come in time.

As for the rest, check out my (newly revamped) website!


--- Quote from: Kxeyey on June 22, 2010, 11:23:44 pm ---I LOVE IT! YAYYY THANKS FOR SHARING POCKEY!!!!!  aww  the chibi  costumes were fantastic  and the frollo costume was badass it took me a good minute to realize it was you and not your boyfriend  haha thats so cool!

--- End quote ---

lol thank you. My boyfriend hates that costume, actually. He doesn't really care for me dressing up as "an old man". XD

Eana Tanhì:
OMG!!! AWESOME!!!   ;D
every single costume is way more than beautiful... GREAT JOB!!!   ;)
i love the chibi costumes the most b/c you're soooooo cute in them  :D

Tsufätu Ayioangä:
Those are so great!


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