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Reno annoys me... help


hey all  ;).... so I'm kinda new to the whole Cosplay thing, and a couple of friends and I might got (majorly) hooked on the Turks from Final Fantasy VII, and I got Reno(*hapy dances*  :P.....  I've got the wig, the Turk suit and the tats all sorted out.  One problem, no EMR you know the cattle prod Reno calls a weapon.

I can't figure out how to make one can anyone help??  :-\

IIRC Renos weapon was a police style batton?

As most countires state these are illegal for civilian use your best bet would be 3 peices of plastic piping each progressively smaller than the last, with a bottle cap on the end of the thinest peice for the end, and a small climbing hook on the other end. Spray paint silver and use black duct tape to create a grip.


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