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So I see that there is a lot of people on this forum who has an interest in cosplay, so I wanted to show you guys some of mine.  :) I apologize if these pictures are huge- they were all taken from my phone and don't really know how to change the size of them.  :-\

The first one is my Ash Williams cosplay from the Evil Dead series. This was one of my first I made so it's not one of my best.

The second picture is my cosplay of a character from "The Strain" TV series. He is a vampire under disguise and he wears makeup to fit in, so I made my skin look waxy by putting a lot of foundation on my face. I wore this to school on "Costume day" and one of my teachers even knew my character!  :)

The third picture is my cosplay that I'm most proud of. It's of the character "Quinlan" from "The Strain" series as well. I couldn't wear contacts though because I haven't had my eyes checked yet.  :facepalm: Oh well...

The fourth one is of a random strigoi (vampire) also from "The Strain" series. I think you can tell that I kinda like the show...  ;D I got a ton of compliments for this one at a convention, even a voice actor from the show like it!  :)

(Since I can only have four pictures per post here are some more)

The first one here is a group cosplay as Undertale characters with my friends. I'm the one on the far right as the character Papyrus.

The second one was at Halloween when I dressed as Jeylah from the newest Star Trek film. My friend on the right is dressed as Levi from the anime series "Attack on Titan".

The third one is of Tate Langdon from the TV show "American Horror Story". I got a lot of compliments for this cosplay as well.  :)
And finally the fourth one is from a music video of my favorite band. My dad bought me VIP tickets to meet them backstage afterwards in March so hopefully they like it!  ;D Here's the music video if you're interested.

My upcoming cosplay ideas I want to create next is the character "Jim" from the new animated Netflix show "TrollHunters" and I want to dress as an Avatar driver sooner or later.  :)

Here are some pictures of the actual characters in order of the cosplay.  :) (Part 1)

Aaand part 2. I promise this is my last post.  ;D

O.o ... looks very good :)

very good work :)


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