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Greetings everyone
Im one of the primary webmasters of JamesCameronOnline (the biggest and longest running JC site for those who somehow dont know it) and couple of our board members, including myself, are big fans of the background music used in the alternative Training Montage from the Extended Collector's Edition. None of us, and not even our other webmasters, had any luck in finding out whether its an original unused Horner track or is it a previously released track from other movie. I thought this is a place where I could try my luck

Ikran Ahiyìk:
You mean the one in deleted scenes?

Oh, even you don't know it?

That's a question I would like to find the answer also..

I think it is somehow not match the theme we heard, but it is quite similar to one unused track..

Yes, Im referring to the one from the deleted never before seen scenes that werent reinserted into any version of the movie. I think its a stunning peace of music but no one seems to be able to identify it

Human No More:
Hmm, I had a look through the 5cd version of the soundtrack (which is the most of all the soundtrack that has been released) and it doesn't seem to be there :(
(You do mean the part with the extended scene with Grace and the Na'vi children, right?)

Ikran Ahiyìk:
I think it is. "Scene 93A-98"


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