Favourite piece of Music?

Started by Ni`awtu Sìlron`zem, February 01, 2017, 09:34:48 AM

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Ni`awtu Sìlron`zem

So guys, what are you favourite songs on the soundtrack? I mean there are so many I like, but my favourites are about 3.

1.Climbing up Iknimaya.
I love the Vocals and drums in the background. And if you didn't know when this was used in the Film, the clue is in the name. When they are cilmbing up Iknimaya to get an Ikran for Jake and the other two Na'vi.

2.Jake's First Flight.
This one is directly after the one I previously mentioned. Once again, it is somewhat of a similar song to Climbing up Iknimaya. Awfully similar Vocals, just faster/slower... I cannot remember. I like to imagine Climbing up Iknimaya and Jake's First Flight. And, if you did not know when this was used in the Film, the clue is in the name... again, and if it is after Climbing up Iknimaya (I mention this a lot, then you must know what it is. When Jake flies his Ikran for the first time..

3.The Destruction of Home Tree.
I especially like this one because of it's impact, and it showing what is really going on. Selfish Humans are destroying a helpless species' habitat for profit. Murdering them in the process. Seems like Humans in the real world right? I am not going to discuss politics and westernisation in this post, but you know what I mean. This peice of music, also shows the sadness that the Na'vi are feeling after it has been destroyed.


My three faves are:
1. Jake's First Flight
2. War
3. Gathering the Na'vi Clans for Battle
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My top five is here:
(but right order is very difficult to say for me because I like all this songs)

1. Pandora
2. Pure Spirits Of The Forest
3. Jake's First Flight
4. The Bioluminescence Of The Night
5. Mated For Life