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Full soundtrack song translations


ONLY completed song translations here ;D

Txonä Unil Stä'nìyu Rolyusì:
Umm....are you expecting others to post song translations here? The songs on the soundtrack (at least the non extended version) are just random syllables, not actual words. There's no translation for them. The only actual lyrics are at the end of Jake's First Flight: lyrics from the Tree Song.

-Txonä Rolyu

Tirea Aean:
Yes. not only that but you posted this in the Language Updates forum, where news and updates about the language go. I saw this on Twitter because @LearnNavi auto tweets the updates from this subforum.

Txonä Rolyu is correct.

Here are the lyrics to the Tree Song:

--- Quote from: Kä'eng on August 02, 2010, 02:47:02 pm ---
As we know, Frommer translated the lyrics for four Na'vi songs, of which two (the Weaving Song and the Hunting Song) were given in the ASG. I found the other two at http://www.pandorapedia.com/ritual_music; I don't think they've been mentioned anywhere on LN.org yet.

Tree Song (Funeral Song)We are all seeds
Of the Great Tree,
Whose strength is in our legs
Like the mighty trunks,
In our arms
As sheltering branches,
In our eyes
The blue-flower
Which unfolds to the sun.
We are all seeds
Of the Great Tree
Whose song is within us.Utralä (a)Nawm
ayrina’l(u) ayoeng,
A peyä tìtxur mì hinam awngeyä
N(a) aysangek afkeu,
Mì pun
N(a) ayvul ahusawnu,
M(ì) aynar
Na seze
A ’ong ne tsawke.
Utralä (a)Nawm
ayrina’ l(u) ayoeng,
A peyä tìrol m(ì) awnga.
--- End quote ---

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Human No More:
That's the only one with an actual translation - the others, including the bonus track Pandora, are just syllables :(


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