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How many time have you listend the whole soundtrack

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Hufwe ta'em:
i count on my itune 140 time and the most played are "Jake first flight" at 156 time played

Atoki AtanyƤ:
Haha the poll results speak for themselves.

I love it. There is no way I can listen to anything else at the moment. It's just too good.

Txura Tirea:
I think an average of two times each day.  :)

Tengfya swizaw:
I listen to it whenever I can, and just put it on loop. I got it two days ago, and by now I think I've listened to the whole thing maybe 5 times. It's funny, though, because I still can't remember a lot precisely, because there are so many recurring themes and phrases that it all sort of blends together into this one spacey epic jumble of awesome.

About 50 times, in 10 days..
And at least one realy attentive listening before sleeping. So relaxing, make you sleep 2 times better ;D
You close your eyes and just see beautiful pictures of Pandora!


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