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Hi everyone

I would like to know if existing na'vi lyrics for "Climbing Up Iknimaya" & "War".

Thank you in advance. ;)

Tirea Aean:
All sung content from the entire Soundtrack is just plain syllables, not even words. Except:

I See You by Leona Lewis. Obviously hrh
Jake's First Flight (very end of the song is excerpt from Tree Song):

Utralä (a)Nawm
ayrina’l(u) ayoeng,
A peyä tìtxur mì hinam awngeyä

Everything else is random syllables, unfortunately.

Ok, thanks

Toruk Makto:
Darn it, we're just going to have to come up with some lyrics for Jake's First Flight.  8) :)

I think I have the idea solution: "Eagle" by Abba.

Just exchange the word 'Bird' for 'Ikran' and 'Eagle' for 'Makto' in the lyrics and there you go.  Check it out:



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