Lyrics for "Na'vi Hometree Chants"

Started by eejmensenikbenhet, March 29, 2011, 06:12:20 AM

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I'm trying to find the lyrics to 3m3 - Na'vi Hometree Chants, this is what I have found already:

Tompayä kato.
Tsawkeyä kato.
... txonä. 2x
Zìsìtä kato.
Set 'ekong txe'lanä leNa'vi oeru teya si.

  • The 3th(/4th) phrase is unclear to me, he chants something like: "terasyìt"
    Does someone hear what he chants?
  • I'm not completely sure about Zìsìtä because he says something unclear before it, it sounds like "so"
  • The last phrase seems quite strange, does someone hear something else?



I didn't know that, always thought that the weaving song was like:

"Pamtseol ngop ayrenut. Mì ronsemä tìfnu. Tengfya ngop säftxuyul. Mì hifkey."
"Music creats patterns. In the silence of the mind. As weavers do. In the physical world."

Slä.... Txana irayo ma Amaya!