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Do Na'vi lyrics exist for the movie score?

So far we only got the Tree Song, which is in the end of "Jake's first flight".
You find it here.

Ikran Ahiyìk:
We have one more:

--- Quote from: Seze on December 15, 2010, 03:12:43 am ---I purchased this off of ebay last week and it arrived in the mail yesterday.  Its a 5CD collection of all the recording sessions used in Avatar.  You can find it here, but there are only 2 left.

As far as I can tell, this is a legitimate promotional item for Avatar.  All the CDs seem to be professionally made and do not appear to be counterfeited. 

Spoiler: Lots of Pictures

Disc 1:
1m1 - You Don't Dream In Cryo
1m4 - Quaritch Speech
1m5 - First Look
1m5 - Unused
2m0 - Unused
2m1 - Avatar Legs
2m1- Jake Enters His Avatar World
2m2 - Into the Na'vi World (CD Mix)
2m2 - Into the Na'vi World
2m2 - Unused Orig Demo
2m2 - Unused Redo
2m3a - Exploring
2m3b - Thanator Chase
3m1 - Excerpt
3m1 - Pure Spirits of The Forest (CD Mix)
3m1 - Pure Spirits of The Forest
3m1 - Viperwolves
3m2 - Jake Meets the Na'vi
3m3 - Na'vi Hometree Chants
3m3 - Unused
3m5 - Sleep (Less Tinkly)
3m5 - Sleep
xxxx - The Bioluminescence Of The Night (not used)


SpoilerDisc 2:
4m1 - The Plan
4m2 - The Village - Jake's First Ride
4m2 - v815ish
4m3a - The Floating Mountains Pt. 1
4m3b - The Floating Mountains Pt. 2a
4m3c - The Floating Mountains Pt. 2b
4m3d - The Floating Mountains Pt. 3
4m4 - Becoming One of The People (CD Mix)
4m4 - Becoming One of The People (Vocal Version)
4m4 - Becoming One of The People
4m4 - Lessons 1 (Unused)
4m5 - Unused
4m6 - Night Iridescence
5m1 - Climbing Up Iknimaya (CD Mix)
5m1 - Climbing Up Iknimaya
5m1r - Climbing Up Iknimaya (Alt)
5m2 - Filmend (Orig Ending)
5m2 - Flight of the Banshee (Orig Pts 1 & 2)
5m2 - Jake Flies His Banshee
5m2 - Jake Gets His Banshee
5m2a - The Hunt
5m3 - Intro
5m3 - Leonopteryx

Disc 3:
6m1 - (used instead of 6m1)
6m1 - Unused
6m2 - A Man of My Word
6m4 - Jake & Neytiri (unused)
6m4 - Mated For Life
6m5 - Scorched Earth (Alt)
6m5 - Scorched Earth
6m6 - Scorched Earth (Alt)
6m6b - Quaritch Pulls The Plug
6m7 - No Reasoning
6m8 - Quaritch Speech (from cue 1M4)
7m1 - Quaritch (unused)
7m1 - The Skypeople Are Coming
7m2 - Hometree Destruction (CD Mix)
7m2 - Hometree Destruction (End Choir Alt)
7m2 - Hometree Destruction (Pickup)
7m3 - Long End P-U
7m3 - Shutting Down Grace's Lab
7m3 - With Ethnic Voice
7m4 - The Escape (Film Version)
7m4 - The Escape

Disc 4:
8m1 - Help for Grace (Extra Percussion)
8m1 - Help for Grace
8m2 - Bonding With Leonoptryx (Child)
8m2 - Bonding With Leonoptryx
8m3 - Funeral Chant (Sweetener)
8m3 - Funeral Chant
8m4 - Prayers for Grace (Alt)
8m4 - Prayers for Grace
8m5 - Grace's Death (Percussion)
8m5 - Grace's Death
8m6 - Gathering the Na'vi Clans
8m7 - Quaritch Takes Over
9m1a - Unused
9m1b - Battle Plan
9m2 - Jake Prays to Eywa (Alt)
9m2 - Jake Prays to Eywa
9m3 - War (alt end)
9m3 - War

Disc 5:
9m4 - The Battle Continues
9m5 - Insert
9m5 - Quaritch Down (Alt Open)
9m5 - Quaritch Down
10m1 - Fight to the Death (Insert)
10m1 - Fight to the Death (Original Start Only)
10m1 - Fight to the Death
10m2 - A New Beginning
10m3 - Eyes Open
10m4 - I See You (Theme From Avatar)
10m5 - Jake's First Flight End Credit Edit
10m6 - Gathering The Na'vi Clans End Credit Edit

Total duration: 04:50:33

--- End quote ---

3m3, which is Weaving Song.
Some part of it do appear in the movie.


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